Meet Silki Harris: Bowtie Designer

Silki Harris is a 23-year-old-lesbian event promoter and fashion designer who founded Ambiance Couture Bowties.

What got you started with designing?

My mother is a designer and infused a love of fashion within me since I was a child, which I now express through my own company. I have been sewing and designing clothes for myself since I was very young and always loved creating unique looks. It is something I’ve loved my entire life and I’m very passionate about.

Kiara Graham wearing the Grinch Velvet Bowtie.

Why did you start Ambiance?

I started Ambiance Couture Bowties in 2010 to give people a bigger range in bowties. I found the selection and quality of bowties available were kind of boxed in, and sought out to do more with them.

Who is Ambiance for?

Our key demographic are fashionable women and men from about age 20-35. The ties are not gender specific and there is a custom option on the site to really go wild and put all sorts of colors/patterns/styles together.

Silki Harris

Where can we find Ambiance Couture Bowties?

The company runs out of a Boutique in Long Island called Soforte which is located at 771 West Merrick Rd, Valley Stream.  Ambiance Couture also has an online store and a facebook. The company has also been featured in a few fashion and art shows.

Any advice on wearing bowties?

They look great with blazers and cardigans, and a well fitting dress shirt with a sharp collar.  It is all about a good pairing and color schemes.  I’ve always felt that bowties were an iconic piece of fashion.

Photo Credit
Silki Harris, founder of Ambiance Couture Bowtie, sporting the Denim Selvage Bowtie. Photo by Marvin The Photog.

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