EcoQ: No More Plastic Bags!

Cities from Maui to San Francisco, L.A. to Austin, and Seattle to East Hampton have passed laws to reduce or completely ban the use of plastic bags at grocery check-outs. And, while an ordinance may have yet to be passed in your city, opting to choose plastic is not only a fashion “don’t” (flimsy plastic + bow tie = huh?), it is also horrible for the environment. So, we advise investing in a quality tote or two. I know, I know…the plastic bags are FREE. But, the totes are reusable, fashionable, environmentally friendly, and highly functional (e.g., use for air travel, beach getaways, carrying books/magazines, etc.). * Feature image bag on right is a repurposed tote by Glass Architect.

Rib & Hull Organic Pocket Tote ($89)

Pointer Brand Hickory Striped Tote ($55)

Forestbound Original Bags – Salvaged Canvas from 1940s & 1950s ($110-250)

Etsy Recycled Canvas Cotton Anchor Tote ($14)

Tree Size Verse Recycled Linen Tote ($98)

GMP Canvas Bushel Bag ($20)

Econcious Everyday Recycled Tote ($16)

Duzi White Raffia Eco-Friendly Tote ($75)

Lesbian Herstory Archives Tote ($15)

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