Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over That Shirt

*Feature image (right): Can you name the hip-hop artist wearing a Celine Spring 2011 women’s shirt?

On the last Monday of September 2012, I decided to wear this shirt.

As you can probably tell, I Instagramed that baby as well. What can I say? I crave attention and did I get it. Cars stuck in the frenzy of the rush-hour-slash-construction-season traffic jam stopped so readily for me. I felt like a walking red light. Good thing for an over-entitled pedestrian like myself. Additionally, the title of this post is a comment a friend left on my Facebook post of the picture.

What was my motive behind wearing this loud shirt? Apart from the aforementioned reason (attention), I really really really really love color and attention. I find that it adds a touch of femininity, ownership and originality to whatever I put on. I color coordinate, color block and I color riot (a Nigerian slang for mixing colors in a tactless manner). As my brother says, I am a prostitute for color. While I would not, under normal circumstances, delve into sex work for a dose of color, I can see myself tricking for tint in an apocalyptic world overturned over by zombies in beige. Ugh… Nightmare.

Sort of feeding off from the previous posts on dQ about button down shirts, let’s dig a little deeper.

Imagine this scenario: you find a perfect fit shirt using Ariel’s tips. You also found a perfect method to consistently achieve this nice fit. What happens after that? I mean, how many of us own this shirt?

Don’t lie you have two of that. So do I. Ain’t no shame.

Let me suggest the next step. Why don’t you try that in a different color? Your favorite color; the color your mom likes; your girlfriend(s)’; your boss’; and your cute little puppy’s favorite color. Try it in different prints, textures

Via Queer B.O.I.S.

and collars.

Via Queer B.O.I.S.

Wear it with a bowtie,

Via Queer B.O.I.S.

cufflinks and color blocked.

Via Queer B.O.I.S.

Think about it. There’s really nothing stopping you. Being a dQ, you’re probably already used to loud fashion and hypervisibility. Why not glam it up and amplify your voice?


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  • Right? My girl owns a ton of these. I’ve just convinced her to purchase a pink one to start moving away from the blacks/blues and to start wearing the black/blue ones with different patterns and colors rather than just blue jeans and no accessories. Pattern/color/texture mixing can be scary. This is great inspiration.

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