For Your Femmes: Holiday Gift Guide Pt. III

*Feature image: Vintage brooch pinned to the collar to look like a bow tie.

Well, that’s it folks. The battle with your family over why this holiday season you want Tofurky, don’t want to wear a skirt, and refuse to introduce your queer lover as your “roommate” to your GOP supporting aunt is underway. But, dapperQ will be here for you to provide style advice, love, support, encouragement, drink recipes, and even a three part holiday gift guide. So, just continue to drop in on us on your phone (hidden under the table of course) during dinner when the arguments start getting heated. Our door is always open…

Part I: Mr. Rachel Tutera’s picks for the dashing dapperQ.
Part II: Anita Dolce Vita’s picks for the socially conscious dapperQ.
Part III: Anita Dolce Vita’s advice on what to get for the femme(s) in your life.


I should qualify this post by stating that I’m a “high femme” bordering on drag queen. I mean, old school lipstick lesbian. Not tomboy femme. Not hipster chic queer. These items are my obsessions, and I roll Michelle Obama style at work, and sparkly disco queen at night. So, if you know someone who you think might share my tastes, but are clueless about what to get them, my holiday gift picks could spare you unnecessary shopping stress.

Kate Spade “Hand-in-Hand” Hand Warmers
Price: $88 (but so worth it) at Kate Spade
Why I love: First off, Kate Spade is a well known designer. Google her. If you don’t know, now you know. Femme fashionistas will know exactly who she is and you’ll get major cool points with this gift. But, what makes these hand warmers extra special is that they are part of Kate Spade’s Hand in Hand Collection, created in partnership with Women for Women International to support women in war-torn countries. These warmers were handmade by women in Bosnia using locally sourced yarns. The Hand in Hand Collection also has items from Afghanistan and Rwanda.

Creative Chic Retro Kitchen Apron
Price: $36+ at Creative Chic’s Etsy shop
Why I love: Seems like a pretty crazy gift to some of you, right? But, get this. I LOVE entertaining: dinner parties, BBQs, Superbowl potlucks, you name it. However, I do not love getting my nice clothes soiled with grease and flour and last minute dinner touches as guests are starting to arrive. And, I don’t like answering the door in a dirty t-shirt and then leaving my guests alone in the living room while I change into my party attire. Creative Chic aprons are quirky and frilly and fun and femme. Perfect solution!

Vintage Champagne Glasses
Price: Varies at antique stores, Ebay, flea markets, Housing Works, etc.
Why I love: I don’t drink, but I recently purchased two matching vintage 1950s champagne glasses at Authentiques in Chelsea, NY as a wedding gift. I paired the stemware with a bottle of champagne, and voila! Everyone thought that my gift was so thoughtful and classy. Beats a blender. The best part is that you can find vintage champagne glasses at a variety of price points.

DIY Homemade Body Scrubs
Price: Varies – depends on your ingredients
Why I love: First, I love homemade gifts for all the obvious reasons. Second, you choose the ingredients and can stick with organic, eco-friendly options. Third, sugar and salt scrubs smell so good, leave your body incredibly soft, and are so luxurious. Finally, you can package the scrub in a cool container, which can be reused to hold jewelry, plants, flowers, cotton swabs, etc. You can find recipes for scrubs at Care 2 Make a Difference, Eliza Domestica, and Healthy Green Kitchen to start.

DIY Bow Tie Pin
Price: Varies – depends on your supplies
Why I love: What do you get a dapper femme who wouldn’t rock a traditional bow tie? An awesome feminine bow-tie necklace or pin, of course. In a previous post, I mentioned how much I loved designer Alexis Bittar’s (EXPENSIVE) bow-tie necklace, but it sold out quick. Fashion blogger Femi Meaux (pictured above) was also inspired by Bittar’s necklace and did a DIY version of it on a dime.


Vince Camuto Black Padara Bootie
Price: $50-$148 (I got mine on sale for $50 at the Burlington Coat Factory in Union Square in NYC. I’ve seen them on-line at Shoe Box, Nordstrom, Dillards, and, 6PM for $50 and up.)
Why I love: I’m a little bit country, and a little bit rock-n-roll. This bootie suits my nightlife alter ego. The devil is in the details, so they can be the focal point of your outfit. You can dress up a t-shirt and a pair of jeans with them or you can go full on Gaga in them. And, they go great with that DIY bow-tie pin.

ASOS Passport Holder
Price: $14.07 at ASOS
Why I love: I purchased my very first passport holder years ago simply because it was metallic gold and I’m a sucker for anything shiny. But, in addition to being very stylish, the internal bilateral pockets helped keep all of my credit cards, cash, and travel documents organized in one accessory. I no longer have to dig through my train wreck carry-on! Leopard print can be paired with plaids, stripes, cobalt blue cardigans, and black pencil skirts for a business trip, or a t-shirt and jeans for a casual trip. If you don’t think leopard print will fly, there are other great passport covers on Etsy.

Deciduous Dock
Price: $40 at Design Public
Why I love: This eco-friendly I-phone charger and docking station is made entirely of sustainably harvested beech wood. It’s modern high-tech meets retro for the design hound.

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  • I am surprised to see so many gift suggestions from Anthropologie, when their parent company is kind of transphobic. Urban Outfitters (which owns Anthropologie) has sold pretty offensive merchandise and didn’t apologize when called out. I hope that this was an oversight, and similar products could be found at places more in-line with my understanding of the DapperQ sensibility.

  • I did not know that Anthropologie was owned by Urban Outfitters. Thanks for that info.

    If you would like to purchase the Jonas Damon I-Pod dock, you can also find it at Design Public, Erie Drive, and Architect Gifts (cheaper too). However, I cannot provide a statement about Jonas Damon or these retailers’ views regarding the LGBTQ community or other human rights issues.

    You can also find frilly kitchen aprons at ModCloth. Again, other than the fact that they carry an It Gets Better Book, I cannot state what their LGBTQ and human rights policies are.

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