Rachel's Picks: Holiday Gift Guide Pt. I

Well, that’s it folks. The battle with your family over why this holiday season you want Tofurky, don’t want to wear a skirt, and refuse to introduce your queer lover as your “roommate” to your GOP supporting aunt is underway. But, dapperQ will be here for you to provide style advice, love, support, encouragement, drink recipes, and even a three part holiday gift guide. So, just continue to drop in on us on your phone (hidden under the table of course) during dinner when the arguments start getting heated. Our door is always open…

Part I: Mr. Rachel Tutera’s picks for the dashing dapperQ.
Part II: Anita Dolce Vita’s picks for the socially conscious dapperQ.
Part III: Anita Dolce Vita’s advice on what to get for the femme(s) in your life.


The $20+ gift (depending on whether you get platinum or sterling, etc):

A customized tie clip is (in my humble opinion) the perfect gift for someone you want to make feel not only handsome but special too. Thanks to my sweetheart for this anchor one, which also has a romantic message on the back, so if you’re feeling romantic, you might want to consider doing that too. Generally speaking these are made in the USA.

The $40 gift:

Brooklyn Bushwicks 1949 Ballcap

An Ebbets Field reproduction of an old school baseball cap. This one is from the 1949 independent team called the Brooklyn Bushwicks. If you’re thinking about getting a gift for someone in say, Winnipeg, there’s a hat for them too:

Winnipeg Maroons 1939 Ballcap

Most old school leagues issued short-brimmed caps, which turns out to be more proportionate on me than other baseball caps, and I imagine it will be on other dapperQs. Browse caps representative of cities in America, Canada, Cuba, Japan, etc here. Made in the USA.

The $55 gift:

This F.S.C. Barber candle is made with Cypress, Lime, Myrtle, Thyme, Galbanum, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Birch and Tar, making it smell “clean and woodsy with subtle floral undertones.” It comes in a reusable enamel container so when you’ve finished making your house smell both like the woods and a barbershop, you can plant a tiny cactus where the candle used to be. Made not only in the USA, but here in NYC.

The The $64.50+ gift (depending on what shirt you choose and whether you add monogramming):

Slim vintage solid oxford shirt

As a slim guy, the  J. Crew Slim Shop is a place I can recommend for those of you seeking gifts for folks who have trouble finding shirts with sleeves that are short enough, collars that are narrow enough, etc. For an extra $10, J. Crew will monogram (triple-initial monograms in either a classic block or diamond insignia) not only Oxfords like this one, but sweaters too. (Unfortunately not made in the USA.)

The $70 gift:


A shoe shining kit is”as essential in a gentleman’s (ahem or dapperQ’s) wardrobe as good shoes themselves,” according to Johnston & Murphy. They make one of the more reasonably priced kits available, and while these tools are branded quite heavily, obviously these balms, brushes and shoe trees (!) will work on any shoes you’ve got in your closet. Buy it here. (Origin unknown.)

The $85+ gift:

MacAusland's Throws and Queens

Never underestimate wool blankets. These are from MacAusland’s via Archival Clothing. The throw is $85, which my friends at Archival Clothing point out is a perfect size for picnics, events, and car trips–aka dates. These 100% virgin wool blankets also come in a queen size for $180, which will keep you and/or whoever you give this blanket to warm all winter. Made in Canada.

The DIY gift:

The Dinner Files calls this coffee vanilla bean liqueur as, “scary dark, scary sweet, and scary delicious.”  The recipe, which you can find here, calls for at least a couple of weeks of curing time to achieve maximum quality. But, well worth the wait for a personalize gift that can be served alone, over ice cream, or with coffee!

*Feature photo: Black mustache gift cards from Etsy.


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