Seven Days of Dapper: Kryzia Salgado

You know you can’t resist Seven Days of Dapper, especially when we’ve got the serious swag of Kryzia Salgado for you to feast on. Here are Kryzia’s stats:

Kryzia Salgado (The Pioneer-ing Professional) is a native Bostonian who is passionate about music, dance, and traveling. Her studies in International Music at Hampshire College have enriched and broadened her knowledge, views on culture and the revolutionary impact that music can have on a nation. This experience has inspired her to make a difference in the world.

Kryzia is committed to giving a voice to the LGBTQ community. While living, traveling, and studying in countries such as Cuba, Mexico, and Germany, she immediately noticed the lack of visibility of the LGBTQ community worldwide. Seeing this lack of visibility motivated her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Strategic Business Management at Harvard University.

Upon completion of her degree, Kryzia plans to open an organization that provides consulting services on how to develop and build relationships with the LGBTQ community in areas ranging from workplace sensitivity training to governmental advocacy. Seeing the need for this in her undergrad years, she hopes to one day take this service worldwide.

Through her style and fashion choices, Kryzia shows her pride in being a member of the LGBT community. Representing to the world that there is no set mold for women, Kryzia’s look is classic, sophisticated, confident and beautifully masculine.


The Pioneer-ing Professional

Professional 2

Professional 3

By definition, a pi·o·neer \pīəˈni(ə)r\ is one who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory to settle. In the finance and business industry, Kryzia brings her professional dapper Q style to the forefront, paving the way for other fellow dapper Q’s and showing that we are here to stay. Her style is classic with a modern twist and pinch of innovation. Always the professional from her tailored dress pants to stylish vests; she shows that a dapper Q can wear traditionally male clothing better than the best of men.

Outfit details: Express black vest and pants, Banana Republic light blue dress shirt, Aldo black dress shoes, and Club Monaco sunglasses.

Not Your Typical Tourist

Tourist 1Tourist 4

Although she lives in Boston, every now and then Kryzia enjoys being a tourist in her own city. Kryzia exclaims, “Boston is a city rich in history. On a beautiful day, there is nothing like strolling along the cobble stone streets of the South End, stopping in Chinatown to grab some bubble tea, eating fresh fried dough in the Boston Common or visiting the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace.” Donned in comfortable shoes, a light jacket and shades, Kryzia’s casual style is subtle, sexy and setting trends for tourists everywhere.

Outfit details: Banana Republic black jacket, Banana Republic Straight Fit jeans, dark brown Timberland slip-ons, Banana Republic grey henley.

Always a Bookworm

Bookworm 1

To fulfill her curious nature and her constant pursuit of knowledge, Kryzia turns to books. She can read just about anywhere. However when it comes to sitting down with a good book in the comfort of her home, she prefers her favorite pair of worn out jeans, a V-neck green sweater and comfy slippers. She’ll be the first to admit that in this setting fashion comes second making her style beautifully effortless.

Outfit details: Banana Republic dark green V-neck sweater, white V-neck Hanes shirt, Banana Republic Straight Fit jeans and blue slippers, gold chain.

The School Boi

Schoolboy 1

Schoolboy 3

Taking inspiration and pieces from classic American sportswear, Kryzia combines comfort and functionality in her “School Boi” look. A grey and navy Polo pullover sweater layers her white button-down shirt for those unexpected temperature changes in class, while khaki pants and navy loafers complete the look. Two words come to mind when describing Kryzia’s “School Boi” style: simply smart.

Outfit details: Grey Polo sweater, white Banana Republic dress shirt, Aldo navy blue Loafers, Timberland khakis, white gold ring, any a black and grey Timbuk bag pack.


Salsa 1

Salsa 2

Salsa 3

Translation: Let’s Dance! Having studied music in college and danced in the discothèques of Havana, Cuba, Kryzia is proud Latina whose culture lives within her soul. The rhythms and the claves of salsa run through the veins of this dancing dapper Q and musician. She is in her element when she is leading you onto the dance floor or captivating you with the beats from her drum. Donning timeless white dress slacks and black and white dancing shoes, Kryzia pays homage to the greats of her culture: Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

Outfit details: Black Banana Republic dress shirt, Men’s Wearhouse beige slacks, and Teddy’s black and beige Salsa dancing shoes. Instruments include El Guiro, Claves, and a Djembe drum.

The Romantic

Romantic 2

Romantic 3

When it comes to dating, Kryzia can be a little a shy at first so she makes sure her clothing gives a great first impression and does the talking. Her clothing choices reveal the adventurous side of her personality.  Mixing a plaid print and gray vest shows that she is not one who is afraid and goes the extra mile whether it is in fashion, dating or her life.  Her style is versatile and chic, revealing her inner yuppie and leaving her open to extend what should have just been a lunch picnic in the park to a full day and evening of activities, laughter and style.

Outfit details: Plaid Banana Republic casual shirt, Banana Republic grey vest, dark blue Banana Republic jeans, dark brown Timberland slip-ons, A Skagen watch, Club Monaco sunglasses.

The Homebody


Her demanding schedule, infectious personality and smile prevents Kryzia from being a homebody. But for those occasional evenings when her social calendar opens up, she enjoys stolen private moments at home. Lounging in her Harvard full-zip hoodie and flannel pajama bottoms, this dapper Q cozies up in her bed, reflects, relaxes and releases. This is her time to stop and smell the roses.

Outfit details: Harvard Business School Grey hoodie, Hanes white tank top, red Nautica sleepwear bottoms.

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