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Welcome back to Hi Femme!, dapperQ’s sibling visibility project celebrating the incredible contributions that stylish femmes make to queer fashion. This edition, we’re featuring Kristen McCallum, the Creator of a visibility platform called Collectively Speaking that produces original content centering the nuances of the #QTPOC experience. Right now Collectively Speaking produces a weekly podcast called #SafeWordSociety that is on iTunes & Google Play and doing very well!


Hi Femme!: Can you talk a bit about how you define queer femme style and what makes it transgressive?

Kristen: I tend to stay away from definitions when it comes to expression. For me, personally, my femme style is really about what I’m most comfortable in! I think being able to live outside of labels sometimes is the most transgressive thing you can do.

Hi Femme!: How would you describe your personal style?

Kristen: My personal style is really simple! I wear a lot of dark colors…mostly black. I save all of the pops of color for my bags, lipstick or sneakers. I love a good 5-6 inch heel and wear them on occasion but I refuse to be required to wear them all the time to maintain a label! I’ve also gotten comfortable cutting my hair off, it seems to help keep me grounded in appreciation for my natural self. It’s part of who I am!


Hi Femme!: Who are your fashion icon(s)?

Kristen: I take inspiration from my lifestyle so I tend to wear things that don’t get in the way of commuting and creating. I tend to be really attracted to anything that isn’t super tight, to be honest…I’m a comfy-cute ambassador!

Hi Femme!: What item in your style arsenal can you not live without?

Kristen: My collection of leather bags, including my bright orange Celine tote…which is perfect for everything!

Kristen’s Vitals
Personal Twitter/IG: @_kriskaye
Podcast Twitter: @safewordsociety
Website: www.collectively-speaking.com

Photos by Doreen Pierre


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