Seven Days of Dapper: Ms. Dapper

Did you miss our popular series Seven Days of Dapper? Well, we are back with a spectacular dapper return with Ms. Dapper!


I’m Ms. Dapper (Chenelle Simington if you’re cutting me a check)!  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but the blend of the Bay Area truly influenced my style. I’ve always had a love for classic suits, but once I got to college in Oakland, I learned there are no boundaries in color! The Bay teaches you to go big, be bold and most importantly be yourself. I quickly learned was super Queer. Now, my passions allow me to do what my heart desires. Throughout the year I model, style, and walk runways but most importantly I work to kick open doors for POC and Queers in technology. By the end of 2020 I’ll be behind the camera shooting precious moments of Queer life.

Mother RuPaul says, “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag”. Most mornings as I stand in front of my closest I ask; what version of self am I most in tune with? What version of self shall I present today? I allow my style to do just that, reflect my energy for the day. Sometimes that is big hair, no hair, suits or lace. I live and dress in the spectrum, why be limited? Over half my closet is from Black owned, women owned and queer owned businesses as well as local clothing lines. I love supporting all the intersections of my communities and wearing their brands with pride, it’s woven into my wardrobe.

Day 1 The Sauce

Dapper Details: Since this cranberry suit is a solid calm color, I let the accessories and socks do the talking. They add personality and the shoes set everything off. Every dapper human needs a solid brown dress shoe! Scissor pin by Wild Fancy Design (Queer owned). Movado watch. Obsidian beads.

Where to wear: When I head to a styling consultation I love to be suited. My clients like to see the dapper beyond Instagram, so I give them all of me. Big hair & bold colors. This suit is also perfect for wedding season.

Day 2 The Dapper One

Dapper Details: Trench length suede black jacket. Brown Linea Uomo suit with blue stripes. Black cap toe Oxford shoes from Aldo. H&M men collared dress shirt.

This is a stand out suit perfect for when I’m presenting, speaking on tech panels or attending weekend conferences. I love wearing this suit to my modeling shoots and meeting new photographers. It’s also a powerful suit for any day at the office.

Day 3 Purple Reign

Dapper Details: Tailored three piece Bocaccio suit with vest and Movado watch. White band collared H&M men’s shirt. Pink/purple handkerchief. Custom Ms.Dapper necklace.

Pop any suit with fun colored socks or hankies. This three piece combo has me feeling ready for anything the day brings. When it’s time for business, lose the shades but when happy hour arrives just take off the jacket for another layer of style.

Day 4 Prints & Patterns

Dapper Details: Jacket from Dashiki Pride (Black owned). Crown from Berkeley Hat Company. Fanny pack from Nubian Chic Designs. ‘Woman Up’ button from Stuzo Clothing (Queer owned). Scissor button from Wild Fancy Designs. Timberland boots.

You’ll find me in this headed to a day party, brunch, Dinah Shore or a night on the dance floor with the homies. It’s already survived a Dinah & Krave weekend! The jacket is super thin so I can dance, move and have as much fun as I want without ruining it. Your clothes should never give boundaries.

Day 5 Qing Status

Dapper Details: Black lace top & pants from Stuzo Clothing. Dennis Basso coat. Timberland boots. Michael Kors sunglasses. Movado watch.

I wear this just about anywhere. The lace makes me feel super sexy and is short sleeved so if I’m inside dancing, it’s perfect! This combo has also been great for concerts and festivals when I want to dance all night but don’t want to freeze.

Day 6 Red Light Special

Dapper Details: Reversible jacket by Isiko Wear (Oakland based clothing line). Crown from Berkeley Hat Company. Fanny pack by Nubian Chic Designs. Movado watch. Timberland boots. Custom necklace.

You can wear this combination regardless of the day or time of day. You can head to a party, a weekend getaway with bae, or just run errands. Comfort should never be sacrificed for style.

Day 7 Bold Boi

Dapper Details: Tailored three piece Bocaccio pinstriped suit. White band collared H&M men’s shirt. Snipper shades.

Tailored suits are super comfortable for my body, so I enjoy wearing them to my all day or all weekend conferences like Lesbians Who Tech or AfroTech. The mohawked hair lets people know there is personality beyond the clothing, so it’s always the conversation starter.

Love Ms. Dapper’s style? Get more on Instagram at @ms.dapper

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  • She is absolutely gorgeous, and is an inspiration to me in the way I express myself. Her style is positively infectious with confidence, and I hope to see her on here and many other platforms in the future

  • This entire spread is phenomenal! I’ve been following Ms.Dapper for awhile now and her style is unbeatable, authentic and incredibly fierce. I love that you can see so much life and beauty in her eyes. More Ms. Dapper please!

  • This is DOPE! I’m so proud of you Niece! Your Grand Dad would have been super proud of you and probably made you his stylist! Keep up the awesome work and ALWAYS BE YOU♥️

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