Seven Days of Dapper: LK Weiss

We have a piping hot Seven Days of Dapper fresh out the oven for ya. This time, LK Weiss is showing us a week’s worth of dashing looks, Maine style. Get it while it’s hot!!! Here’s LK’s stats:

LK Weiss is a Maine native and owner/designer at The Portland Designer. LK has designed for comedian Ian Harvie, musician Melissa Ferrick, L.L.Bean Signature, Rogues Gallery, EqualityMaine, and other local and national entities.

Exploring the wharfs and old historic vernacular of Maine’s coastline are LK’s passion, and her style (both fashion and design) draw a lot from those experiences having grown up on the working waterfront.

LK Weiss also runs a Maine/Queer Style Blog with Maine natives TT Tappan (who photographed this shoot) and Wardrobe Stylist Mahlia Carey (who styled this shoot).

Day 1: Wharf Street, Portland, Maine

Outfit details: Button-up, slacks, both vests, and socks from H&M. Striped tie and belt from the Gap. Velvet overcoat is Nevrsleep by Rogues Gallery.

Day 2: Widgery Wharf, Portland, Maine

Outfit details: Jeans from American Eagle. Sweater and tweed overcoat from H&M. Denim button-up from Urban Outfitters. Tie from a boutique in Toronto, Ontario.

Day 3: Union Wharf, Portland, Maine

Outfit details: Jeans: Jeans from American Eagle. Belt from the Gap. Checked Button-up from J. Crew. Vest by North Face. Pea coat from an Army/Navy store in Seattle.

Day 4: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine

Outfit details: Jeans by L.L.Bean Signature. Boots by L.L.Bean (kangaroo skin). Belt from the Gap. Check flannel and sweater from J. Crew. Striped undershirt from H&M. Buffalo plaid wool coat: My grandfather’s, Sears, 1960’s.

Day 5: Congress Street, Portland, Maine

Outfit details: Slacks and striped over-shirt from H&M. Shoes by Sperry Topsiders. Whale belt by L.L.Bean. Button-up by J. Crew. Anchor bow-tie from Southern Beaus/etsy.

Day 6: Custom House Wharf and Fish Market, Portland, Maine

Outfit details: White Slacks from H&M. Shoes by L.L.Bean Signature. Belt from American Eagle. Bait Shack Tee: Rogues Gallery (designed by LK). Hat from Old Navy.

Day 7: Train/Boatyard, Portland, Maine

Outfit details: Can’t go wrong with a plain white tee!: Hanes. Jeans from American Eagle. Boots: Military Issue, Army/Navy store.

Special THANKS to TT Tappan for the amazing photography and Mahlia Carey for her flawless styling.

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