RodeoH Harnesses: Functional Style

Team dapperQ receives lots of e-mails from companies asking us to feature their products. We’ve always been on the fence about whether or not to open the flood gates when it comes to blogging about adult toys. I mean, while we do try to keep a fashion focus, we have featured other cool gadgets and gear that appeal to the modern dapper senses. Even so, we generally pass on showcasing adult goodies…until now. We had to jump on the opportunity to feature RodeoH‘s harnesses.

Photo by Jetta Vegas

RodeoH harnesses are all about style and substance. They are comfortable, easy to use, and multi-functional: underwear, harness, and an extra sexy accessory when you let them peek over the top of your jeans!

Photo via DYKE

While traditional leather harnesses can be hella hot, let’s face it, they are not very functional; they are much more difficult to use and you can’t comfortably wear them under your clothes like you can with a RodeoH harness. And, the whole S&M look doesn’t suit every dapperQ. In fact, some feel outright ridiculous wearing metal and leather when doing the deed. You know what I mean. Spending an eternity trying to figure out how to put the damn thing on and then bursting into laughter when you see your preppy ass looking like you just stumbled out of a leather daddy bar. FAIL! Who the heck wants to go through all this just for some afternoon delight? Or even after a first date? No one! With RodeoH harnesses, it’s easy on, easy off.

Here’s what RodeoH had to share about their company’s philosophy:

RodeoH is a collaboration project based in San Francisco. Comprised of an uber talented group of designers, photographers, make-up artists, writers, social butterflies, and amazing people like YOU! We are simply a small group of kids rockin’ out a underoo revolution, with a super not-so-secret agenda to create an amazingly upbeat and positive image of Queer America. We love our community and feel it is time to showcase our Queer-Tastic-Ness.

Amazing! Another reason to get your hands on some of these.

Photo courtesy RodeoH

You can purchase RodeoH harnesses on their website. “Like” them on Facebook to find out more about an upcoming contest we’re sponsoring with them. Together, we’ll be giving away two gift certificates that can be used to order RodeoH goods.

*Feature image via Mikipedia.


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  • I want buy tow stat harness 6 and 7 inch camel color I mean normal skin color and tow rodeoH underwere 30 inch wast black and gray color. How much price? I can recieve in UMM AL KAWAIN.U.A.R.E.

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