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I am pleased. Very pleased. dapperQ gets bombarded with e-mails from companies asking us to feature their new masculine clothing lines; but, I’ve learned not to get too excited about these e-mails because most of the new lines are basically t-shirt collections. Yes, that’s exactly what a dapperQ who cannot find formal menswear needs…more graphic t-shirts. But, this week was the second time this year that we’ve received a promising e-mail from a company. The e-mail came from Kreuzbach10 and in it we were overjoyed to find:

UM, YES PLEASE. And, here’s more from their press release:

Conceived by Sydney Whitehouse Institute of Design graduate Anna Kunz, Kreuzbach10 strives to fill a gap in the market for truly masculine clothes for women.

More than just about looking good, Kunz wants women who wear the brand to be able to feel good about what they’re wearing. She’d noticed that most butch women had to compromise, either buying ladies clothes which had an innate femininity that made them uncomfortable, or buying men’s clothes that more often then not were ill-fitting, a lose-lose situation. Having studied fashion and worked in many facets of the industry, including television makeovers, Kunz is a strong believer in the ability of a strong outfit to lift someone’s confidence and make them feel good. In essence she sees it about being able to dress authentically, and express ones inner identity on their outside, something that many masculine-of-centre women struggle to do with the options currently available to them.

Kreuzbach 10 makes men’s shirts, cut to fit women’s bodies.

Our shirts are designed to be straight up what you’d expect to find in the men’s department; Primary colours, geometric patterns, no frills. However unlike shirts in the men’s department Kreuzbach10 shirts are cut to fit female bodies. We know that women’s shoulders, chests, waists and hips are in different ratios to men, but furthermore in different ratios to each other. That’s why we have developed our core 3 cuts that cater to different body shapes and we hope to expand to more cuts as the brand grows. We’re clear about which shirt is which cut, so if you buy one that fits you like a glove, its easy to find more that will make you look just as hot.

Now funding on Indiegogo

After spending months developing patterns and consulting with her target market both locally and overseas, Kunz is ready to launch the first collection and is using Indiegogo to raise the capital to begin production. Through crowd funding she is offering a range of limited edition rewards, from sexy posters to bow ties, pre-sale of shirts themselves as well as personal shopping trips and a styled photo shoot for larger donations. Her campaign is running until the 15th of November, which is the deadline to get a turnaround on a shirt order in time for the Holiday Season.


So, come on folks. Get out there and support our Aussie allies, support gorgeous clothing, support business that support YOU! Check out their Indiegogo campaign and follow them on Facebook!

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