Spring into Spring Style & Support Women’s Education with Peau De Loup

Peau De Loup (PDL) is a Vancouver based apparel company specializing in button-downs for female bodied individuals. My partner and I got our hands on one of their special edition Wildfang / Peau De Loup (WFXPDL) button-downs and we’ve been battling over who gets to wear it all the time. While button-downs are a staple for my tomboy partner, as a femme, I have so many other options that I can usually take em’ or leave em’. But, the WFXPDL button-down is so lux – soft, perfect fit, stylish, comfortable – it’s one of those high-end investment pieces that makes both of us feel like those celebrities who look effortlessly chic no matter what the situation. I’m not letting go of this shirt!!!

What I really like about PDL is that they are socially conscious:

 “Using our overseas manufacturing resources we’ve realized that fabric mills were usually required to over produce fabrics by 10%, and many times this fabric goes unused. Setting up the lines for garment manufacturing it costs the factories the same amount of money to produce 50 shirts or 5000 shirts.” – PDL


And, this season PDL is back with a whole new collection of shits: the ALPHA short-sleeve spring line.

PDL3Perfect for warmer weather: The ALPHA short sleeve collection



In addition to being environmentally friendly, a portion of ALPHA sales goes to educate women at the Al-Ihsan Women Center, a non-profit organization that supports and provides education to underprivileged Muslim women in Bangladesh. There are over 250 women waiting to be sponsored at Al-Ihsan. For every five shirts sold, PDL is able to give one more girl an education.

PDL4Image via Human Concern International

Peau De Loup Stats:

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