Dress Code Designer Spotlight: The Phluid Project

dapperQ recently wrapped up a week-long celebration of queer style during New York Fashion Week, starting with our fifth annual queer runway show (Dress Code) in partnership with Brooklyn Museum and sponsored by Into, followed by daily pop-up shops and a closing party at the Phluid Project.



In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be getting up close and personal with some of the featured runway designers and brands, with The Phluid Project as today’s spotlight brand.

Tell us a bit about your brand.

The Phluid Project is more than just one of the world’s first gender-free stores, but a space that explores self-expression, challenges boundaries with humanity, and creates a safe space for the community.


Talk a bit about the collection Phluid featured on the runway and what inspired the collection.

The inspiration behind the collection was centered around the 1980s with the integration of activism and incorporating the conversation on gender.

Was this your first year participating in the dapperQ show?


Describe your first experience? What was it like to show alongside designers who had been featured in previous years?

It was the utmost privilege to show at the dapperQ event for the first time along side some of the most talented designers in the gender-non-confirming community. The Phluid Project opened recently in March of 2018 and to show with such incredibly talented individuals, it reminded us of why we aim to stay true to our mission of acceptance, balance, integrity, intention, and openness. dapperQ created a safe space for all of us to do just that and we are eternally grateful.

What was your process and experience like, starting from model selection to the runway?

dapperQ did an incredible job at making this experience streamlined and organized – its not an easy feat to manage all of these designers, models, and talent, but they made it look really easy. dapperQ provided us with an amazing selection of models interested in participating in the show. Each model that we cast was extremely enthusiastic about the opportunity and to be support The Phluid Project. As a young brand, and this being our first show, it was truly special for us to see. The day is long but the energy is constantly high. You can feel the vibrations of excitement backstage between designer and models and there is a sense camaraderie among all of us – never a sense of competition which made our first show very comfortable. Overall, it was an incredible learning experience for the brand and we’re excited to continue to grow together.

What does it mean for your brand to be a part of this annual show?

Being offered a seat at this table means a lot to us. To sit along side talented people from our community, and more importantly, to be involved and support in the movement that dapperQ has created is super important to us and our mission. It would be an honor to participate in this opportunity in the future in any capacity.


Click here to see the full gallery of runway looks.
Runway photos by @emilychanphotography
Video by @meowcaity

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