Peter Manning / Five Eight NYC: Menswear Pants for Individuals 5’8″ and Under

It seems as if many of the new brands specializing in clothing for the unconventionally masculine are focusing on button-down shirts. Don’t get me wrong, we have ZERO complaints, because the button-down is a staple – a foundation for any good wardrobe. After all, dapperQs have been tormented enough with gaping in the bust, collars that are too big, darting, etc., etc. But, what about pants? Seems easy enough…except that the fashion industry really doesn’t design clothing for short people. Even as a femme, I have to get most of my pants, which I get in the “women’s” section, hemmed. So, don’t even get me started on my more masculine presenting partner: She looks like she’s a kid playing dress up in adult clothing when she tries on menswear pants.

The “pants-too-long” problem isn’t isolated to dapperQs.  In fact, many men who do not fit the fashion industry’s ideals struggle with finding apparel that fits. Recognizing this, Peter Manning / Five Eight was founded to provide men 5’8” and under with great clothing that fits properly. While the company’s original focus was to serve the over 25% of American men 5’8″ and under, the company understands that masculine people of all genders experience similar fit issues. Even better – they are queer-friendly!

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Peter Manning / Five Eight offers a nice selection of tops. But, we’re particularly fond of their stylish, off the rack casual pants, like their slim fit chinos with inseams that start at 27″. Many menswear brands start their pant inseams at 30″ and up! Peter Manning / Five Eight does not believe that shortening too-long pants is the answer, because you end up with an opening that is too wide. Check out this video to see how else the company is addressing fit issues:



Right now, Peter Manning / Five Eight is offering 20% off to all new customers. Enter WELCOME20 at checkout.

Peter Manning / Five Eight stats:

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  • They are on the right track, but they aren’t quite there yet. They only offer pant waist sizes up to 38″. This is not a good upper threshold for pant waist size. The inflection point where a hemmed trouser leg begins to be noticeably too wide for a silhouette is around 34 inches and up So if they want to make a difference to short people they are missing quite a range of sizes on the high end in favor of offering narrow trouser legs for people who could perhaps more easily get away with off the rack hemmed pants.

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