Diva’s Drag Show

Core Photography met up with these NOHO hotties just before their Drag King show at Diva’s in Northampton, MA!

Izzy MJ

Izzy MJ / The Drag King of Pop: Loves listening to music (all kinds), dancing, rapping, dj-ing, and spending time with family. Izzy’s passion is anything and everything that has to do with Michael Jackson.

Loo D'Flyest Priestly

Loo D’Flyest Priestly: Co-founder/Director of Operations of 2050 Legacy and the Door Person at Diva’s Nightclub. Loo loves playing drums & ukulele, Beatboxing, writing, dancing, and being in love with the late Freddie Mercury. “I am passionate about my art, whether it be playing music or being on stage to just coloring with my nephew. The freedom and fulfillment I get from expressing myself artistically keeps me thriving and makes my dreams a reality.”

LizPhotos by Liz Lavorgna (left) About the photographer: I am a storyteller of people’s lives. Instead of words, I use images. I want to know what is important in your life and reflect it for you with photography.

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  • It was an excellent show! My wife (izzy) made me so proud. When she’s up onstage and feels the music she transforms into Michael. Loved it

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