Get a Damn Business Card Already!

It’s 2013 – Get a damn business card already!

And a LinkedIn account while you’re at it. Seriously, being dapper is more than the right trouser fit. It’s about how you move and shake.


dapper |ˈdapər|


neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.

bearing |ˈbe(ə)ri ng |


the way one behaves or conducts oneself


You know what leaves an impression? A tiny card that tells the people around you who you are and what you do. You mean business, and that, my friend, is hella dapper.

I made business cards via Vista Print. You can even get them for free (they will say Vista Print on the back), or you can make your own. Don’t stress too much about what to put on your card. If you are unemployed or underemployed, consider including your ideal job or current skill set on them.

Creative Business CardYour cards can reflect your personality or the industry that you’re in. These handmade cards are great for people in creative fields.

business-cardsCheck online for inspiration. This is a savvy way of getting folks to remember your face and name!

bigode-business-card-2Whether you own a boutique or run a blog, graphic cards are an effective way to get people to remember your logo or brand.

print-laminated-business-cardsYou can never go wrong with a simple, clean, traditional design.

Don’t simply rely on your good looks and charm in networking circles because the people you want to impress may or may not remember your stats (e.g., company, job title, contact information).

Some of the best networking advice I’ve gotten in the past is to always give and get a business card. Use it to take notes on the interaction (not on the front of them of course). Keep them somewhere organized and easily accessible. Don’t let the person forget you!

And, while we’re on the subject of cards, I once met the dean of a business school who said that he always sends holiday cards – mostly Thanksgiving and New Years, because no one else does.

It’s grown-up details like these that help set you apart from the rest of the pack. Remember: One of the best accessories you can have is maturity.

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