Seven Days of Dapper: Blake Calhoun

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to dress more dapper, then look no further than this edition of Seven Days of Dapper, featuring Blake Calhoun, 19 year-old sophomore at the University of Virginia, to inspire you. Here are Blake’s stats:

I spend the majority of my time on school work. The rest of my time is devoted to community outreach through the Queer Student Union-the queer group here on grounds (that’s what we call our “campus”). When I’m not at QSU meetings or in class, I’m hanging with friends downtown or just home, getting gelato, thrifting, or watching the Golden Girls. (I watch the same 25 episodes on Youtube and laugh at the same jokes; it’s sad.) I love to cook, listen to music; Florence and the Machine is my absolute favorite. I’m a pretty average college student, just better dressed. My friend Jomar took all of the pictures. Except for the first day, they were taken outside of my building on grounds at UVA. The first picture was taken outside of Newcomb Hall on grounds.

Blake 1

Blake 1 details

On my way back from a meeting. I like to cuff my pants. It makes any outfit that more interesting, especially if the cuff is a different color than the rest of the pants. The lapel flower is actually from the craft store. I safety pinned it to my lapel. I try to be the best dressed person in the room, no matter the circumstance.

Outfit details: Shirt and bow tie, Saddlebred ($18 each); loafers; Bass ($16); Khakis, Tommy Hilfiger ($40); bag, Cole Haan ($129); blazer, Goodwill ($7); watch, ESQ by Movado ($150).

Blake 2

Blake 2 details

I love wearing multiple outfits at once. I can take off my blazer and still have the suspenders as a focal point. You don’t have to wear a bow tie to every occasion, just the ones worth going to. Bow ties are best when they are hand-tied, no clip on bow ties here. This was just after class, I didn’t go anywhere special-fancy for no reason.

Outfit details: Shirt, bow tie, suspenders, Saddlebred ($16, $18, and $8, respectively); Khakis, Tommy Hilfiger ($40); Blazer, Lane Bryant ($50); shoes, Vintage Church’s (thrifted for $4 – a STEAL –  retails at $300+); belt, Docker’s ($10).

Blake 3

Blake 3 details

After class again. I woke up late this day, so I didn’t have time to ponder over tie combinations and blazer or vest or hat or no hat. When you’re in a rush, keep it simple. Sweaters are still dressy but take seconds to throw on. I’m a firm believer in buying on sale; I don’t spend more than $20 on most items. My motto is: if it’s meant to be, it will be on sale.

Outfit details: Pullover, GAP ($20); slim fit shirt, Ralph Lauren ($20); jeans, Old Navy ($15); shoes, Sperry Topsiders ($60).

Blake 4

Blake 4 details

After another meeting. I had a little more time than usual this morning. Winter is my absolute favorite season-layering without sweating is ideal (either way, layering is happening). The sweater adds a pop of color in an otherwise expected color selection. The blazer is tweed so it’s extra warm. Often times I have on so many layers that I don’t have to wear a coat.

Outfit details: Blazer, Goodwill ($7); shirt, Saddlebred ($16); sweater, Tommy Hilfiger ($20); jeans, Old Navy ($15); shoes, Cole Haan ($89); Tie, Goodwill ($1); Watch, Timex ($40).

Blake 5

After class. I won’t get much more dressed down than this. But sometimes for the sake of variety, the tie and blazer have to stay at home. I will wear duck boots rain or shine.

Outfit details: Shirt, Saddlebred ($16); jacket and jeans, Old Navy ($15 each); shoes, LL Bean duck boots ($100).

Blake 6

Blake 6 detailsAnchor socks, Tommy Hilfiger. (These are my favorite socks.)

Layers layers and more layers. I love plaid (I had to make a conscious effort to stop buying them). This one made it in right before the cut. Desert boots go with just about everything. I also love fun socks-they never match, it’s more interesting that way. It’s not about matching-coordinating is what I go for. I don’t try to mach my red pants with a red shirt and red socks. Rather, wear colors that just go together. Coordinated is more sophisticated than matching (I think someone famous said that..but maybe not).

Outfit details: Shirt, sweater, and jeans, Old Navy ($16, $10, and $15, redpectively); desert boots, Clark’s ($100).

Blake 7

Blake 7 details

Running errands. It was a bit warm that day and I didn’t want to sweat out a blazer. However, I love layering too much to skip out on wearing a cardigan. I like this cardigan in particular because it has elbow patches. Why not wear red shoes? I don’t have many tennis shoes, but all of them are bright colors.

Outfit details: Shirt, Old navy ($8); shoes, Nike ($30); belt, Tommy Hilfiger; pocket square, vintage Yves Saint Laurent (thrifted for $18); jeans, Old Navy ($15); cardigan, Target ($15).


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