Love, Light, & Eating Right with Chef Boi R Dee!

Welcome to our second installment of Love, Light, & Eating Right with our resident gourmet, Sebastian Flowers.

Recipe 2: Watermelon Jerked Tofu with Lemon Cauliflower & Almond Chard Medley


 Total Time: 50 min

Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
4 Servings

2 Hard Silken Tofu
2 cauliflowers
1 Red Pepper
1 Green Pepper
Green Squash
¼ cup of Almonds
1 Tomato
1 Orange
2 Lemons
Spring mix
Bragg Liquid Aminos
Simply Asia Ginger Garlic Seasoning
Grace Jerk Seasoning
Olive Oil
Oregano leaves
Thyme Leaves
Lemon Pepper
Cracked black pepper
Sea Salt

2 stove pans
1 glass or silver oven pan
1 chopping board


1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.

2. Cut both silken firm tofu horizontally into 4 rectangle slices each (a total 8 tofu steaks).

3. Chop 2 cauliflowers into medium sized bits.

4. Slice squash into quarter size pieces, chop green and red peppers, and throw into one bowl.

5. Dice tomatoes into small squares and place it in the refrigerator (in a container).

6. Wash and chop 2 cups of chard and compost/dispose of stems.

7. Slice watermelon in half, and again in quarters. Cut any shapes you want as decoration and additional piquancy for your courses later. Make sure that your watermelon slices placed on your tofu isn’t dense or else it will saturate it. Be creative and go off!


4. Season oven pan with olive oil, 1 tsp of rosemary, ¼ tsp lemon pepper, ¼ oregano, and cracked black pepper.

5. Place chopped cauliflowers into oiled pan. Repeat seasoning process on top of cauliflowers as seen in Step #4. Lightly squeeze half of a lemon. Place pan in oven for 13-15 mins.

6. Pour olive oil into a medium-large saucepan on a low flame. Now add the ¼ cup of almonds into the pan as well. Constantly stir for 3 mins.

7. Place chopped squash and peppers into pan with almonds. Add ¼ tsp oregano leaves, ¼ tsp thyme, ¼ tbsp cumin, a pinch of sea salt, black cracked pepper, and lightly squeeze half of a lemon. Now place chard in. Cover pan with (wood chopping board in my case) or a pan cover and place on low flame for 12-15 min. Stir every 5 min.

Recipe 2B

8. Season entire chopping board with olive oil, ½ tbsp grace jerk seasoning seasoning, ½ tbsp asia ginger garlic seasoning, ¼ tsp oregano leaves, ¼ tsp cumin, ¼ tsp turmeric, sea salt, and cracked black pepper. Place 8 tofu steaks on the seasoned side of the board. Lightly press them against the board and repeat the seasoning process on the upright side of the tofu steaks.

9. Pour olive oil into a large pan (that is no more than 2 in. in depth). Place 4 tofu steaks in. Take 3 or 4 small cubed slices of watermelon, squeeze half an orange, 1 tbsp of liquid aminos acid  and place in pan with tofu. Keep covered and on low heat for 8-10 mins.

10. Add chilled diced tomatoes to almond-chard medley. Stir for 2 mins and then remove from stove. Place in bowl or on plate.

We’re almost done! Don’t give up on me now 🙂

11. Your cauliflower should be mostly white and lightly toasted. Feel free to remove it from the oven and place in a bowl.

Recipe 2A

12. Flip your 4 jerked tofu steaks. Turn your flame from a low flame to a high flame. Cook for 5 mins. uncovered and remove from stove. Add your last 4 tofu slices to the same pan and repeat Step #9 and #12.

13. Place your spring mix in a bowl, add your hummus, garnish your courses, and of course bon appetit!

Love, light, and eat right!


About the gourmet: Sebastian Flowers

Sebastian Joshua Flowers
(Creative Director, Design & Marketing, House DJ) is a native Brooklynite, born of Belizean and Honduran parents. He is a trans- identified filmmaker, exhibitionist, designer, and dj of bklyn boihood. Sebastian’s innovativeness and resourcefulness transpired a B.A. in Political Science in 2010 from the New School University, and has allowed him to be a continuous politically active member in the LGBTQ of color community in NYC for nearly 10 years now. He is always searching zealously for the political implications behind gender-policing of people of color. A vegan for 10 years and humbly diverse chef in vegan and vegetarian cuisines, you can find Sebastian’s recipes on He is also recent founder of Km.T, a gashly raw and fashion forward t-shirt line that personifies the reawakening of the history of humanity embedded in all of our DNAs despite race, creed, or color. Follow Sebas’ on his Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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