tara jae Wants to Photograph You! dapperQ’s (Sorta) US Tour!

Who doesn’t love a good road trip?!?! I know I love them and find myself taking them ever few weeks. At least that’s what the trend has been over the past few years. I’ve been diligently looking at maps and reaching out to people who are interested in showing of their swag style. As the response has been great, I’m looking for more.

Spring break is coming up for most campuses, which means people are revamping their closet spaces for spring wear. What better way to revamp it then by showing it off to the community at large?! Don’t be shy, live it up and as Rihanna says “Shine bright like a diamond!”… I might have taken that a step too far.

I am looking to stop at universities, small towns and, well, anywhere else that people think I should visit along the way. A few places that are on the list to be visited are Tulane University, Dallas, the state of Kansas. I probably should pinpoint a city, but I’m not too familiar with Kansas; the only thing I really know about it is what The Wizard of Oz taught me and when looking at that map I’m really only seeing two cities, Wichita and Topeka. I like the way Wichita rolls off my tongue, so I will go through there. Side note, can anyone tell me why Kansas City is in Missouri and not in Kansas?!?!

Side tracked once again. Over the next few days I will be finalizing the last leg of the trip, which is from N’ Awlins (aka New Orleans) to Orlando. If there are places you think that would be good stops for me, email me at [email protected]


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tara jae has resigned to her wanderlust feelings, throwing caution to the wind as she finds inspiration and motivation to finish her doctorate. A creative soul looking for the next adventure, she welcomes any distraction that allows her to procrastinate from the realities of academia.
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  • If you’re heading to the “midwest” . . . why not come to Bloomington, IN? Home of the Hoosier capital — Indiana University — we also have queers! If you’re in the neighborhood, I’ll put on my bow tie and we’ll grab a local pint.

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