Power Clashing: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

*Feature image via Qwear

Who? YOU!

What? Power clashing, of course. And, according to Urban Dictionary, power clashing is “combining clothing items that according to style etiquette do not go together.”

When: Well, you can do it anywhere, really. You can power clash just a little bit for a day at the office or power clash a lot for a night out on the town (like, say, to Qwear’s Power Clashing event at the Dalloway). Or, if you work in a creative field, you can go BIG all day and all night.

A small splash…

Mix PatternsStripes, and plaid, and herringbone, oh my! via Have Less Be More

Mixing and Matching PatternsWho says you can’t pair all of these bold colors and patterns? via The Trad

IMG_2714Allex Knight models subtle clashing for dapperQ. Photo by Shaina Chin. More of Allex’s shoot here.

CalStripes, Fair Ilse sweater, and polka dots. Jahn Hall of BKLYN Dry Goods styled and shot this model for dapperQ’s Queer Country Fashion Show

A BIG splash…

clash2For the tomboy femme. via Lemon Stripes

FloralsFlorals and florals. via Shala’s Rabbit Hole

Esther Queck 2One of our favorite power clashers, Esther Quek. via Mario Villanueva Style

Power clashBright colors not your thing? Try monochromatic power clashing. via Alexandra’s Archive

Monochromatic Power ClashingMore monochromatic. via It’s All Mental Masturbation

Need a place to experiment?

Qwear Dalloway

Why? It’s creative, fun, fresh, and takes your wardrobe out of the “blah zone.” And, Urban Dictionary also asserts, “Doing this [power clashing] as a powerful figure will result in people unquestionably approving your fashion sense, and taking you in higher esteem.” See. It’s scientifically proven. 99% of the time, it works every time!

How? WhyDid gives two general rules for successful power classing: (1) Keep it in the color family. (2) Mix large and small scale patters. Here are some video tutorials brought to you by dapperQ and BKLYN Dry Goods:

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