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As you know if you’ve been following dapperQ, we recently produced our first fashion show with a terrific new company called Brooklyn Dry Goods. Jahn Hall, one of the two owners of the company, is also a noted fashion photographer whose portraits of porn star Chris Porter were recently featured in Fiasco Magazine. In addition to generously volunteering to style the show with his business partner Kurt Uhlendorf, Jahn shot our portraits. Our hair was done gratis by James Duckett of Fringe and make-up by Kellie Muse.

What are the words that come to mind as you view these shots of some of NYC’s leading queer lights? Dashing? Confident? Pride 2.0?

dapperQ was established to bring visibility to those willing to own their transgressive stylings. In the coming months, I’ll be using these portraits as the backbone of a dapperQ for Allies microsite that promotesgender diversity. (If you’ve got new media, video or community organizing skills and are willing to volunteer your time to organizing this effort, please drop me a line: [email protected].) Flashmobs and flashdances will be part of the mix.

I dearly love that a gay man, a straight man and their hip new company get the power behind dapperQ. With allies like these, I think we’ve got a shot at advancing the notion that those of us who defied our mother’s warnings to “act like a lady” have authenticity rare and precious to share with the world.

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  • Being a part of this journey from the beginning was truly amazing. Seeing these powerful, sexy folks finally get this level of validation was both breath taking and refreshing. You could just see their confidence flourish even further, in such an authentic way, with this well-deserved validation. Kudos dapperQ, John Hall, Kurt Uhlendorf and all of the incredible models!!

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