Ask dapperQ: Men’s Short Shorts?

A reader asks:

Summertime calls for shorts and 2013 calls for shorter shorts. I’m a big fan of Chubbie’s Shorts with a 7″ inseam, but the leg opening is as wide as a parachute on me. Any other men’s brands that carry shorter shorts?

Men’s short shorts are indeed back with a vengeance and here to stay.

NYT Shorts

via New York Times slideshow “Who Wears Short Shorts”

The dapperQ team also loves Chubbies, as well as their Cargo Embargo (“We at the Cargo Embargo say “NAY!” to Cargo shorts. We embrace thigh liberation for all men.” and motto (“Sky’s out, thighs out.”)


Chubbies shorts

But, not all brands fit every body equally. So, we’ve rounded up some alternatives for you.¬†However, as many of our contributors and readers agree, it doesn’t matter if you get your clothing from the “women’s” or “men’s” section, as long as the clothes achieve your style goals. Fit should be first and foremost. If the shorts could be read as masculine, who cares if some designer wants them sold in the “women’s” section?

Gap Shorts

“Sunkissed” shorts from Gap

Gap Shorts Boyfriend

“Boyfriend” shorts by Gap

Perfect Khaki Shorts Old Navy
Women’s “Perfect Khaki” shorts by Old Navy

Lands End Plain Front Chino Shorts
Land’s End Men’s 6″ Chino shorts

Eddie Bauer Shorts
“Legend Wash” chino by Eddie Bauer

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  • I hope this is NOT a fad. It’s hard to find a pair of shorts that dont look like my little fat brother’s pants.

  • Just looked over this article. These are not short-shorts. True, the hem doesn’t fall below the knee like what has been so common for some 20 years but they are NOT short-shorts. They are Bermuda shorts or just shorts. Short shorts were common and acceptable for men in the late 70’s and early to mid 80’s with 3 or 4 inch inseams. For athletic shorts 2 inch inseams. Then came the 1990’s with the surfer-boy, skater-punk and rap gangsta thug baggy styles. Swimtrunks became totally ridiculous with 18+ inseams, not really fit for swimming. As I heard one guy say once, shorts were so long they missed the point – might as well stick to jeans and dockers. Anyway, it seems people, including so called “fashion experts” have totally forgotten the 80’s. I do miss that time.

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