Sharpe Suiting Launches Ready-to-Wear Collection at L.A. B.O.Y. Event

Los Angeles style has earned the dubious reputation of being so casual that fashion industry insiders are even weary of giving L.A. Fashion Week the same cred as New York, Paris, and Milan. However, queers have always broken the style mold, quietly steering what’s new, now, and next in style trends, from the underground ballroom vogue scenes to the gender-neutral clothing donned at radical queer dance parties, all of which has co-opted by mainstream fashion. Of course, the L.A. queer scene is no exception to the queer-cool rule. And, ever since queer-centric L.A.-based Sharpe Suiting entered the fashion world and added to the legitimacy of L.A. as a fashion-forward metropolis, The City of Angels has never been more dapper.

Sharpe was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Leon Wu, who built a creative team that brought with them 22 years of tailoring experience, 30 years of marketing expertise, and over 15 years of fashion school. Known for their tailoring and custom suits, Sharpe’s latest venture is a ready-to-wear formalwear collection, “For Who You Are.” This collection, which is available online, is coming on the heels of Sharpe’s ever-increasing success, including recognition from major press and celebrities, such as Jennifer Hudson, as well as red-carpet appearances at Cannes, Oscars, and the Emmys.

Sharpe Launch I

Sharpe Launch II

The team celebrated the launch of their 2015 inaugural ready-to-wear collection last Sunday at Bar 10 WEHO. The event, hosted by L.A. promoters B.O.Y. (Be Only You) Night L.A., boasted some of the top who’s who in the L.A. queer party and style scene, including DJ’s Morgan S Hildebrand (GoodBoy) and Bounce House; special guest DJ Von Kiss; photographers Paige Jordan and Molly Adams (dapperQ); host Jess Weiner and co-host Kristine Carr (aka Landon Cider) from Sharpe Group; stylist Cee Sando; and Chef Carter.

LA Crew I








For more information about how to get your hands on Sharpe’s latest collection, visit Sharpe at the following links:
MollyAbout the photographer:
Molly Adams is from Los Angeles and she takes pictures. You can find her on instagram @mollyktadams if you want.

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