6 Must Have Jackets and Coats for Fall

Editor’s note: dapperQ is extremely honored to announce that style blogger Ariam Geffrard, the founding editor of A Dapper Chick, has joined our editorial team! Ariam is one of the top menswear influencers, a GQ Insider, and has received press in the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and Mic. Ariam’s first post, 6 Must Have Jackets and Coats for Fall, is the perfect introductory article to familiarize dapperQ readers with her style expertise.

jean jackets

1. The Denim Jacket (from $27 HERE )
The epitome of casual chic, the denim jacket is a classic. It can add that down-to-earth, cool-kid-on-the-block feeling to your look.  Check out how I styled mine in SPRING FORWARD.


bomber jackets

2. The Bomber Jacket (from $18 HERE)
Elevate your streetwear game with a slim bomber jacket. It gives your outfit that mysterious edge which has others wondering, “How did they pull that off?” Check out how I styled mine in BADASS BOMBER.


leather jackets

3. The Leather Jacket (from $59 HERE)
It’s leather season, and if that’s not enough of a reason for you, you have an issue. No seriously, you know you’ve always wanted to have one and own that biker look, well now’s your chance. These jackets are timeless, and they can last lifetime if cared for properly. I killed two birds with one stone in BADASS BOMBER.

**Unless it states “faux leather” or “leather look,” the jackets are made from 100% leather.


Trench coats

4. The Trench Coat (from $38 HERE)
Add a bit of sophistication to your look! The trench coat instantly elevates your look by giving you a sleek and refined appearance. It tends to run a tad big bigger which gives you room to layer up underneath. I’d suggest you get one with a removable lining like this one.

Also check out how I styled mine in HOTTY BOOTY.



5. The Parka (from $22 HERE)
Grungy perfected. Trying to look like you might be rough around the edges? The parka is right for you. it adds a bit of scruffiness and uncertainty. Their linings can also be removable, and you might be able to get yourself one that’s waterproof.

Check out how I styled mine in HI S’COOL!



6. The Pea Coat (from $45 HERE)
Crème de la crème of coats, the pea coat is perhaps the most important one you’ll want to acquire. It serves its purpose throughout the whole period of cold weather (Fall through Winter). More importantly, the thick wool fabric will help alleviate the multitude of layers for those of you who don’t like layering.

I, on the other hand, love layering, so take a look at how I styled my pea coat in LE FROID.

Note: All links are rerouted to the SALE section. I’m cheap [laughs], so I live for the sale section. However, there are more options available in the regular price section, some of which may be less expensive than the items on sale. I recommend you take a look there as well.

For my dapperQ’s:
OK, I know it’s a given that I shop in the men’s section, but you should also know that I shop in the women’s as well. If you cannot find what you’re looking for in men’s, I suggest you take a peek in women’s. After all, we get the best of both worlds. Take advantage of it!

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