Dapper Everyday Carry: Commute Essentials

For me, a successful daily commute really boils down to five things: a good bag, earbuds, a watch, a notebook and my favorite dapper facial care product, blotting paper. Especially for those of us who don’t wear makeup, even a short bike or train commute can leave you flushed and shiny. Muji’s slim pack of oil-blotting paper comes in powdered and un-powdered and can seriously save the day.


blottingMuji’s blotting paper

As for watches, I firmly believe that several are better than one. But with that in mind, Eone’s Bradley collection is the sleekest timepiece I’ve seen in a while and it was designed with visually-impaired users in mind. Two ball bearings follow magnets to indicate the hour and minute. Those, along with the raised tick marks on the face keep you from needing to look down to check the time—something I’ve done more than once on my bike to work and nearly gone head-over-horns.

The-Bradley,-black,ls1Eone Bradley watch

Lastly, earbuds and a bag. Earbuds are another must, and if you’re ready to give up your factory white pair, I recommend Thinksound. They’re Eco- and budget-friendly and the quality and noise-reduction is good for the price.

earbudsThinksound earbuds

And, a good bag is all about how you commute and what you carry, but if you’re a moderate schlepper, Treesizeverse hand-makes some dapper, swoon-worthy commuter bags. For a sportier bag, check out one of my faves, NYC’s own Vaya Bags.

BagTreesizeverse bag

*Feature image via Shuggar 

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