He Said/We Said: End of Summer Edition

We shot our last two He Said/We Said series in San Fran and Portland to capture all the dapperness that exists outside of our insular NYC universe. For our 13th edition, we’ve returned home to the West Village, shooting on the streets surrounding the historic Stonewall bar.

Photographer Gizelle Peters and I selected a Bespoken menswear collection as the inspiration. While it is their spring line, the collection demonstrates how shorts and bright colors can be layered and continue to be worn as the weather cools up. Grays and navys make the collection’s pieces versatile enough to mix and match with other cooler-weather items (blazers, sweaters, etc.) in your closet throughout the year.


Bespoken Inspiration


Group dapperQ

From left to right: Jesse Lackowitz Crozier; Nina or “N”; Emily Hall Smith; Alijah C. Beckford

Emily dapperQ

Emily dapperQ details


Nina dapperQ details

Jesse dapperQ

Jesse dapperQ details

Alijah dapperQ

Alijah dapperQ details

We are so honored that our friends at Autostraddle published additional images from this shoot, complete with model bios. To see the full edition, visit Autostraddle’s version here and show some love for the volunteer photographer, Gizelle Peters, as well as the models.

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