Ask dapperQ: Wedding Suits for Curvier dapperQs?

This is our fifth post in dapperQ’s Wedding Week, where we feature dapper weddings and answer all of your burning wedding questions.

A reader asks:

“Where can I find a wedding suit for the curvier butch? I am getting married and have no plans on dieting just so I can look like a totally different person for one day!”

First, check out our store guide, which lists quite a few queer owned and operated and/or queer friendly vendors that offer suits specifically for dapperQs. Saint Harridan, Fourteen, Duchess, Butch Clothing Co., Bindle & Keep, and Kipper Clothiers are just a sample of retailers that made the list. Many of them offer bespoke (custom made) and ready-to-wear (off the rack) suits made to fit a variety of body types. Here are some examples of what you’ll find:

Saint Harridan off the rackA ready-to-wear Saint Harridan suit


Fourteen Suit IV

Ready-to-wear suits by Fourteen


Bespoke suit by Butch Clothing Co.

You can also peruse our Weddings section, as well as the wedding blog A Bicycle Built for Two, to see what other curvy dapperQs have shared with our readers. For example:

Angela Beal Wedding 2Angela Beal wore a made-to-measure suit from My Suit NY.Photo by Raymonda Doncev

Amber and Katie Abbott's Wedding via dapperQKatie Abbott (pictured on right) wore a Pronto Uomo suit from Men’s Wearhouse

Mellina VSarah and Mellina both wore ready-to-wear Hugo Boss suits from Nordstrom that they got tailored. Photo by Hannah Ludlow

CG1Suits from Men’s Wearhouse.  Photo by Miki Vargas Photography

013_20120521_rachel_lauren-517Lauren (pictured on right) pieced together a suit from J-Crew. Photo by Hunsburger

Bespoke SuitAnnMarie wore a tailored vintage suit from the Etsy shop, BrightWall. Image via Qwear

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