Everyday Style with Jane DiBartolo

Photos by Kelsey Sucena Photography

This is Jane DiBartolo from Queens, NY:

Day 6 Part 2

Details about the Outfit: Shirt: Topman. Tie: Topman. Pants: H & M. Belt: Nixon. Bracelets: Homemade

She is a student at SUNY Purchase College studying stage management in the Conservatory of Theater Arts. She lives for the stage and has managed many productions for large New York based theater festivals, Off-Broadway shows, and on campus productions. When Jane isn’t busy managing the stage, you can find her playing tennis, working on her photography company she created a short while ago, hanging out with her close-knit group of friends, playing with her dog and cat, building numerous things in the wood-shop, navigating Manhattan for new food places, and sipping Pina Coladas (and getting caught in the rain). Jane believes in wearing clothes that you like and that express who you are. She has never been afraid of her style and wanted to share some of her favorite practical everyday looks with our readers.

Day 2 Detail C

Day 2 Detail A

Day 2 Detail B

My campus is awesome for this reason: You’re around 45 min from the city but you’re surrounded by all this upstate nature and woodlands and when it’s fall, the leaves change color and being it’s an art school and the students roam out into the woods and create cool places to hang out; it’s so chill, beautiful and relaxing. And it’s the perfect cardigan weather because you can layer it, roll up the sleeves and roll them down when it gets breezy while still wearing super cozy socks. And beanies are my favorite thing ever. (No Justin Bieber comments because I know they will arise.)

Outfit details: T-Shirt: H & M. Cardigan: Hawkings McGill. Jeans: Gap 1969. Beanie: Neff. Shoes: Vans OTW Collection. Belt: Nixon. Necklace: Topman, Socks: On The Byas. Bracelets: Handmade.

Day 1- Detail A

Day 1 Detail C

I normally am not a brunch person, but if it’s one of those fall days where the sun is shining through your apartment windows and it’s warm in the living room and all you want to do is sit and chat with friends, eat snacks and sip cider, it will become a thing that day. This was taken inside and outside my apartment.

Outfit details: Shirt: Topman. Bowtie: TopMan. Jeans: H & M. Jacket: My grandma actually gave me this. It was my dad’s brothers from the 1970s. Shoes: Calvin Klein.

Contact Jane: [email protected]

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