Betabrand Button-Ups and “Gay” Jeans

Last June, dapperQ collaborated with Betabrand for the first time. They were one of four brands we featured at our Pride runway show for the “unconventionally masculine” at the California Academy of Sciences.  Since then, dapperQ model and contributor Matt Jacobs did a shoot with Betabrand and provided us with a review of the shirt and jeans he modeled for them.

MattbioAbout the author: 
Matt Jacobs is a New Jersey native. People are always surprised when they discover that he does not have an accentHis personal interests include breaking down typical norms and stereotypes, and constantly pushing boundaries to create innovative art.

In my opinion, the key to looking fashionable is to be picky regarding what you wear in terms of fit and colors; Find a balance so it’s stylish but not overdone. What will set you apart is selecting pieces that have subtle, interesting details, such as this Betabrand Pacifica Woodies Button-Up Shirt with contrast lining and wood buttons paired with their Gay jeans. (I’ll tell you what makes them gay in a second…)


Starting with the shirt: I love the color teal. I can get stuck wearing black and white a lot, so adding color to my wardrobe once in a while is a good thing! The contrast lining is in and of itself an accessory: just roll up the sleeves to reveal another rich layer of color. Because I’m wearing blue raw denim jeans, cuffing up the shirt and showing off some brown mixed with teal is adding color and style, but not overdoing it too much.

The wood buttons are edgy, yet, when buttoned up to the top, the shirt looks sharp and classic. Paired with my gauged earrings and sunglasses, I have now added my personal twist and personality to my outfit. You always want to make the look your own, accessories are great ways to do this.

The beauty of the jeans I’m wearing is that they actually change colors – rainbow to be exact. These jeans are sold and marketed at the San Francisco HQ store as “gay jeans” and will fade into rainbow colors after a few washes. I guess it really is in the jeans/genes after all (awkward drum sound).


But, seriously, depending on how you wear your jeans, rainbow or blue will determine the answer to the real question – “to cuff the shirt or not to cuff.”

In my opinion, once my jeans fade into rainbow colors, I might choose to not cuff the shirt, and just let the pants do all the talking.

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