Ask dapperQ: Examples of Feminine Dapper, Please!?

*Feature image by Go Kate Shoot via Brightest Young Things

dapperQ has joined forces with international lesbian-identified DJ Whitney Day to produce our third New York Fashion Week (NYFW) event (RSVP here), featuring fashion photography of 17 artists who captured images for our He Said/We Said series.

In our invitation, we posted the following:


It’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW), so we hope to see you representing queer style HARD. We will be giving away one free raffle ticket until 11pm to those dressed in dapper attire (feminine, masculine, and anywhere in between or outside of!).

Dapper Femme 4Some examples of feminine dapper via Moda

dapper femme 3Another example of feminine dapper via Fat Tomboy

Raffle tickets will be drawn at random for the following prizes:

► The first three raffle ticket winners announced will receive one Founders shirt by dotBK (worth $68 each). 

► The fourth raffle ticket winner announced will receive a gift bag with one Founders shirt by dotBK (worth $68) and one pair of Tani USA limited edition air fitness boxer briefs (worth $45). 

► The fifth raffle ticket winner announced will receive a gift bag with onePeau De Loup shirt (worth $78), a Founders shirt by dotBk (worth $68), and one Hook & Furl lapel pin (worth $45 and up:

Since publishing the invitation, readers have approached or sent e-mails to the dapperQ staff stating that they do not know what feminine dapper looks like. So, for those who need a little inspiration and some sartorial schooling, we’ve rounded up some examples (classic, modern, hipster, and futuristic) for you.


dapper Femme1via Hapi by Hapiru

Dapper Femme 7via Black Fashion

dapper femme 5via

dapper femme quazimotto    via Flickr

dapper femme2via LA Times

dapper Femme 5via Nikki Billie Jean

dapper femme 11via Preposity

dapper femme 11via Chictopia

dapper femme1via Stephen Harrold

dapper femme 11via Black Fashion, original source My Thrifted Closet

dapper femme 7via Cosmetics Useful News

Dapper Femme 12via Feven & Helena

dapper femme feature2forpostvia Brightest Young Things

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