Ask dapperQ: Androgynous Clothing for Teen with Small Frame and Large Breasts?

An amazing and supportive parent of a teen asked us the following:

I am a parent of a inspiring androgynous teen. I introduced her to your website and she loves it. Question is she has a small frame with large breast. Can you address style for those young folks who would like to rock a dapperQ look with her shape? I do know that tailoring is one solution for better look and fit, but also looking for looks right off the rack that will separate her from the masses and keeping her style above the norm and updated. Her breast size 38J and waist and hip 35-38. She has a small frame, but her breast are the culprits that keep her in regular t-shirts. Please help.

First off, hats off to you for doing the research on finding clothing for your daughter. We certainly know it is not easy to find masculine and androgynous clothing that fits curvy bodied individuals.  Unfortunately, we have to be the bearer of bad news, but you already answered your own question: tailoring!

We have compiled a list of brands that are designing clothing for dapperQs (see our store guide). However, when you buy off-the-rack, keep in mind that brands produce collections based on a prototype. This is true for both masculine and feminine attire. (For example, a size 2 skirt may fit the waist of someone with small hips, but may not be big enough for someone with a small waist and Beyonce hips/bottom.) While our store guide includes brands that are designing masculine attire that addresses common fit issues experienced by our readers, each body is unique. Short of getting clothing custom made, it will be difficult to find clothing for more challenging fits.

Many of our readers swear by St. Harridan and Androgyny for off-the-rack classic dress shirts. Ratio is an option for getting shirts custom made.

AndroDress shirts from Androgyny

Since she is a teen, she is probably still growing, so  constantly investing in expensive clothing that might not fit her in the long-term may be taxing on the wallet. Another option is to go thrifting! You can find some really awesome dapper/androgynous pieces at affordable prices. With the money you save, you can get items tailored. When purchasing an article of clothing that you intend to get tailored, be sure that it fits the largest portions of her body and get any excess material taken in. It is easier for a tailor to remove and take-in fabric than it is to add fabric or “let-out.”

Dapper Q-Take Ivy-Photos Bex Wade-40He Said/We Said model Rachel Rudy scored her jacket at a vintage store! Photo by Bex Wade.

Lastly, do not knock the t-shirt. It can be styled dapper. The key is layering it under blazers/jackets, vests, and jumpsuits, like Willow Smith (daughter of Jada and Will) does here with this fantastic metallic striped blazer:


willow smithvia Getty Images


As I mentioned in the article “10 Style Lessons Adult dapperQs Can Learn from Dapper Kids,” some of our readers like vests and blazers because they (1) can be left unbuttoned and (2) can help minimize parts of your body that you want to make less visible.

Vestsvia POP Street Kids

HarmonyModel Harmony Boucher via Androgyny Lollipop

WildfangWildfang jumpsuit

Gaby Fresh

Fashion blogger Gaby Fresh dresses more on the feminine side. But, she demonstrates how larger busted individuals can style fashionable looks by combining casual shirts and jackets/blazers.

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