Tani SS ’14 Air Fitness Boxer Brief for Stylish Packin’

Many of our readers have asked us for advice on stylish, comfortable, long-lasting underwear suitable for packing. Whether packing or not, boxer briefs tend to be the most popular among our readers, as confirmed by our unscientific but very informative underwear survey. “The Joy of Butch Underwear” by Buzz Cuts and Bustiers also included their version of an underwear survey, which found the following:

Boxer briefs. My informal Twitter poll (as opposed to all those very formal Twitter polls out there) found that this is the most popular style amongst MOC people who follow me and are therefore awesome. Boxer briefs pair the close fit of briefs with the leg opening of boxers. My favorite boxer briefs are from H&M and have superheroes on them (they currently only have Superman in stores, which is unfortunate, because Superman sucks). One of the best things about men’s underwear is, after all, the endless graphics possibilities. And the extra room for packing (link awesome, but NSFW).

So, there you have it. Boxer briefs seem to have emerged as a favorite in two underwear surveys on two style sites geared towards “unconventionally masculine” readers. We took this information into consideration when Tani USA asked us if we wanted to review some of their underwear products. We get a lot of brands offering us free goods to increase the visibility of their product on our site. But, we have to also keep in mind whether those goods would be relevant to our readers. Given that boxer briefs seem to be very popular, and our readers were looking for brands that are good for packing, we decided to give Tani a whirl.


Tani asked us to first browse their site and then make a selection of items we found interesting. They offer a lot of really great stuff, but the Tani SS ’14 Air Fitness Boxer Brief was one the most impressive. The patterns and colors were stylish and gender-neutral. We were especially curious about the unique material used in the construction of the brief. As The Underwear Expert explains:

The material is a first for men’s underwear (95% Micro Tencel, 5% lycra), using a nifty fine pique knit that creates natural air pockets that help to regulate body temperature. So whether you are burning off stress and calories at the gym, or burning through paperwork at a desk, the Air Fitness Boxer Brief takes discomfort out of the equation.  The fabric is lightweight and super soft, and because the material is naturally drying, it also helps keep you cool. The fabric was designed for ultra sensitive skin, which means the Air Fitness Boxer Brief will also prevent chafing or any other uncomfortable things that can happen while in motion. The Micro Tencel also wicks away 50% more moisture than cotton.


This, coupled with the extra room/contoured pouch in the front that is detailed with contrast stitching, makes this brief fashionable and functional! They are a bit more expensive than your pack-o-four briefs at Wallgreens, but the cooling fabric and unique design are well worth it….especially on date night!

Tani was happy to provide us with an extra pair of their SS ’14 Air Fitness Boxer Brief that will be raffled (unopened and unused of course!) at our New York Fashion Week event. More details here.

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