FitforaFemme Styles "Tomboy" on the West Coast

Tomboys-ChoiceRidiculously friggin’ precious.  This West Coast duo is the oft-featured subject of FitForaFemme.  Responding rhetorically to the question: Is this a lesbian blog?  FitforaFemme writes:

You bet it is. Ever wonder what, exactly, lesbians are hiding in those closets of theirs?

Lucky for you, this femme publicly chronicles her daily wardrobe choices, working hard to fight femme invisibility one outfit at a time – with occasional tomboy sightings every once in awhile!

dapperQ loves any femme sensitive to our styling and her “tomboy” is, indeed, a lucky one.  In this photo montage, fitforafemme tells us tomboy is sporting: linen slacks from Banana Republic, shirt from Monte Carlo, vest from East Island, shoes from Aldo, ring from Kiss My Ring and a vintage bowtie. (Info on Bear T photo at the right can be found here.)

Scrolling through a number of very dapperQ fashion photos on the site, I screeched to a halt at the bow-tie.  It’s so essential, folks.  It’s all over the men’s fashion magazines.  Ya gotta try it, even if you do what I did yesterday which is to drape it around your neck and loop casually (the gay boys at Ben Sherman in SoHo descended upon me!)

dapperQ is eager for more stylings from these two, and also links to any fashion related content you can send us for those of us transgressing men’s fashion.  We don’t have a blogroll yet, but when we do, ms. thang will be on it (hint, hint.) I want to madly promote ANYONE who is on our fashion side to please send in links, as well as photos of yourself in hot garb, with supporting descriptions, that I can post.

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  • Next time I “suit” up, I’ll be sure to take a snap. Also thinking the “simply draped” which the newest James Bond wears as he walks away from Casino Royale in the most dominant ad for the movie.

  • Here are a few photos of my girlfriend Lara in a casually draped bowtie. Hot.

    She loves a tie and/or a draped bowtie (and I love her in em), having worn them to work, weddings, parties, etc. You just drape it under the collar… very Casino Royale, very swank, very hot on any gal, dapperQ or femme or butch or tomboy…

    We dressed up as Portia and Ellen for Hallowe’en two years ago, complete with vote No on Prop 8 buttons. We live in Canada but were huge supporters of the vote No campaign and our American brothers and sisters having rights.

    That is obviously not my real hair. Ha!

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