Seven Days of Dapper: Danielle “Coop” Cooper

Admittedly, dapperQ initially fell short on our Instagram game. We were focused so much on building our Facebook and Twitter communities that we failed to fully understand that, when it comes to fashion and style blogging, Instagram reigns supreme on getting your look and your brand noticed. Instagram is all the swag without all of the rant.

There are so many fantastic dapper bloggers out there that we’ve been introduced to via Instagram. One in particular, Danielle “Coop” Cooper of She’s A Gent, has been knocking our socks off with consistently impeccable style. So, we asked Coop to give us a week’s worth of her style for our Seven Days of Dapper series. Here’s what’s really good:

I’m Danielle Cooper or “Coop” the menswear blogger of I’m originally from Cali but have lived in New York half of my life. I’m an athlete, former D1 and professional basketball player who has spent most of her life traveling for sport. 2 years ago I got hurt and decided to walk away from the game. I believe that that was my opportunity to start a new journey. Fashion and style is a way to voice who I am. I am a athlete, blogger, and designer.

Day 1: All-Star (Hanging Out)

It’s starting to get cooler out, which means it’s layers season! Layers are always fun. This is something I’d wear hanging out or even to work. It’s sporty, yet casual. I kept it simple with the red, white and blue. The entire outfit ties back to the accessories. The light grey blazer compliments, but doesn’t overshadow the Converse. The sweater and shirt connects to the gingham pocket square. Although not the same shade of blue, the cargos work with the lapel button. I wanted the look to be bold, but simple all at once.




Outfit Details – Blazer and cargos (Zara) || Merino Sweater (Uniqlo) || Oxford Shirt (Ralph Lauren) || Lapel Button & Pocket Square (The Tie Bar) || Sneakers (Converse) || Watch (Timex) || Shades (Ray-Ban)


Day 2: Business

Braces, as the Brits call them, are a classic but sophisticated way to wear a suit. Be sure that the braces match with your footwear. If the braces are black, wear black shoes and if they are brown, wear brown shoes. You want to allow for a smooth transition. This is an outfit I would wear to the office.

Day 2

Day2 (Braces)

Day 2(Details)

Day 2 Shoes

Outfit Details – Blazer, Shirt & Pocket Square (H&M) || Trousers (Topman) || Tie & Suspenders (The Tie Bar) || Monks (Grenson)


Day 3: Burgundy Pants (Date Night)

I wanted to let the pants do all of the work. I love how well black works with colors, so I went with a black blazer and double monk strap shoes. The pocket square was the final touch, connecting everything together.





Outfit Details – Blazer, Pants and Pocket Square (Topman) || T-Shirt (H&M) || Watch (Movado) || Monks (Grenson)


Day 4: Lapel Season 

This is a pretty versatile outfit. I’d wear this to the office, on the weekend, or even to church. The plaid lapel pin is full of many colors represented in this look. The tan blazer, rust chinos and tan brogues transitioned well together. I didn’t want to have too many prints or patterns, so I added a solid blue tie to the stripped shirt. Especially since I already had patterns with the lapel and pocket square. Lapels are resurfacing in fashion as a way to jazz up an outfit.





Outfit Details – Blazer, Shirt and Pocket Square (H&M) || Chinos (Topman) || Lapel pin, Tie and Tie Clip (The Tie Bar) || Brogues (Grenson) || Watch (Timex)


Day 5: Colors Pop (Office)

Fall is upon us, which means the materials in our clothing are changing. I went with this tweed blazer because it’s a little chillier in the mornings on the ride to work. But the lapel was the focal point. It brings life to the blazer and every detail falls into place around it. Check out the socks, the pocket square and the tie, all colors seen in the lapel pin. I love dark denim as well and in this case it worked nicely with the blazer.




Outfit Details – Blazer & Shirt (H&M) || Jeans (G-Star Raw) || Monks (Grenson) || Tie, Tie Clip, & Lapel Pin (The Tie Bar) || Pocket Square (Macys) || Socks (Arthur George) || Watch (Timex)


Day 6: Lily Ponds (Weekend Wear)

This is something I’d wear on the weekend in the summer. It’s simple and casual. The suspenders added a pretty nice touch to the look and luckily they came with the shorts.




Outfit Details – T-Shirt (H&M) || Shorts with suspenders (Zara) || Sandals (Birkenstock) || Shades (Ray-Ban) || Watch (Timex) || Fuelband (Nike) || Accessories (ASOS)


Day 7: Event

I love black suits. There are so many different options to come from wearing one. They can be worn on casually, to work or to an event. This I would wear to a black tie event. Normally I’d pick a plain black tie or bow tie, but this knit tie gave the suit a little edge. The lapel pin also adds to the classy look.





Outfit Details – Suit (Topman) || Shirt (H&M) || Tie & Pocket Square (The Tie Bar) || Lapel Pin (Harrison Blake Apparel) || Oxfords (Tods)

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  • Wow! I love all of these looks. I am really starting to be sold on the double monk strap shoes too actually.

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