Bar Boi: Pastels + Springtime Mules

Editor’s note: Bar Boi is a new series on dapperQ created by our latest contributor, Seattle-based Mellina White Cusack. Bar Boi is a monthly piece that pairs a seasonal dapper outfit with a swag cocktail to match. Salud!

In my world, a dapper ensemble is not complete without the appropriate craft cocktail. Style not only encompasses the clothes you wear, but your entire persona. Your outfit should express the season, the moment. And, the drink in your hand finishes the story. In April, spring is blooming. The ice has melted, welcoming the vibrant colors of the new season. It’s all right. Break out the pastels. Dress yourself in white. It is time to scream spring. When vacationing the in Paris last year, I could not help but notice how the men and dapper bois adorned themselves in pastel pants with festive scarves. They zipped around on matching bicycles, looking as if they just escaped a New York fashion runway. I was mesmerized by the simplicity of their ensembles, yet how they still drew me in. To welcome spring, a nod to Paris.

The Ensemble

bar boi 1

The button down is custom tailored from Indochino. Even when I take a quality dress shirt off the rack and bring it to my local tailor, I find it difficult to get that perfect fit. Indochino solved this for me. Their online bespoke suit and accessories program is the best I have found. The do-it-yourself measurement guide is easy to follow for positive results. Plus, they provide alteration reimbursement if your shirt isn’t just right and easy: no questions asked returns.

Indochinovia Indochino’s Facebook page

I picked up the salmon chinos from Banana Republic, but they can be found everywhere during the warmer months. They remind me of the pastel hues of the pink cherry blossom trees that bloom all throughout the Pacific Northwest. And, don’t be afraid to stop there. Baby blue, light green, and even bright yellow chinos work beautifully. Accessorize them with button downs and blazers or jean jackets.

pastel chinosvia SHAREIGHT

pastel chinos IIvia Fashionisto


My shoes are from Cole Haan. They often have a selection of shoes in sizes as small as mens 6.5. I was able to accessorize my outfit with great selections of cardigans and scarves from H&M.

The Cocktail

Moscow Mules are currently all the rage in speakeasies across the country. Variations of the classic drink, even more
so. This version is our very own creation- Springtime Mule. The red grapefruit is the perfect marriage with my bright, spring inspired pants. Build it in a copper mug or old fashioned glass. Cheers!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Makes 1 Drink

4 oz Ginger Beer (In Seattle, we love Rachel’s Ginger Beer)
1 1/2 oz Vodka
1 oz red grapefruit juice
3 sprigs mint

  • Muddle mint in a glass
  • Add ice, vodka, and grapefruit juice to glass. Stir.
  • Top with ginger beer.
  • Garnish with grapefruit, mint and candied ginger.
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  • This is an AWESOME idea! I’m glad to hear that Indochino is a solid shirt option, as well.

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