Interview: Queer Cuts with Kabira Dame

Welcome back to dapperQ’s ongoing queer barber and hair stylist interview series, Queer Cuts. This week we’re celebrating the incredibly talented Kabira Dame, who is not only gifted at giving her customers the styles they desire, but who also has fierce personal style.

You can find Kabira at:

NEW YORK, NY 10012


dapperQ: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your salon. 

Kabira Dame: I live, breathe, embody,  create art. I graduated from F.I.T. and worked in fashion as a visual stylist for over 15 years. I’ve always believed that creative expression is essential and first impressions are everything!!! I transitioned from the fashion industry and applied to the Aveda institute for cosmetology where I graduated with highest honors. While attending, I also competed and won awards as a barber stylist.

I’ve been cutting hair professionally for five years and working as a stylist at Aveda’s SoHo location. I specialize in cuts and color. Other services we provide include consultations, shampoo, head, shoulder and hand massage, and mini facials. We also offer specialty products that help repair and maintain.

My mission is to create hairstyles through cut and color that reflects a person’s individual style and personality.

Whitney Day and KabiraOne of Kabira’s clients is international DJ Whitney Day

dapperQ: Queer fashion sites like dapperQ and Qwear are often asked, “What is queer style?” Does it exist? And, if so, what sets queer style apart from other aesthetics? Along the same lines, many of our readers ask us about queer hair styles (e.g. Is there such a thing and where are the best places to get one). Do you believe that “queer hair styles” are a discernible aesthetic? If so, what makes them unique?

KD: “Queer style” is about blurred lines. It’s ambiguous. It’s androgyny, versatile. It’s “I chose to not follow your bullshit rules and social norms.” I think an individual’s queer style is often their truest form of creative self expression.

Best places for queer hair styles is a salon, such as Aveda, that respects and encourages individual style.

image2Kabira’s work

dapperQ: What are some trends you are seeing in queer and/or masculine cuts?

KD: Some trends within the queer community include a lot of line work, high and tight cuts, box fade, “man” buns, faux locs, 1920’s pageboy, messy controlled, texture, volume.

dapperQ: How do you understand and approach your clientele different from the ways a classic Barbershop/salon does?

KD: What differentiates myself from other barbers is that I’m interested in knowing how a client envisions themselves; what do they do they do for a living, etc. It’s important that what I create exemplifies who they already are.

Aveda also trains us to pay attention to the angles of our clients’ faces, as well as eye color, to determine what hair color would compliment them best.

Lastly, product is very important and a must! Aveda’s products are designed for all hair types and textures and are plant-based.

image9Kabira’s work

dapperQ: What are your rates?

KD: $50-$100

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