Seven Days of Dapper: MC Newman

We’re back with our second ever Chi-Town fashion editorial and our first ever Chi-Town Seven Days of Dapper, this time featuring the smooth stylings of MC Newman. All photos by Karla Olvera.

Hi, I’m MC Newman, a photographer, burlesque enthusiast, and wearer of many hats (literally) in Chicago. I’m a “queer fashion addict;” style became important to me when I stumbled into the burlesque scene three years ago. Surrounded by glitter, feathers and rhinestones I thought, “Damn, I should really put on a tie.” The more I wear suits, the more I feel like myself. I’m growing into my own skin and feeling more comfortable with being confident.

Though the dapper life has boosted my confidence, I’m still pretty indecisive when it comes to choosing a look. Any close friend of mine can expect a barrage of texts including photos of top choices exclaiming, “WHICH ONE?!?!”

Whether heading to a swanky burlesque club in Lower Manhattan, photographing swamps in New Orleans, or sharing her love of hats in Chicago, there’s always a time and a place to be dapper as f*ck.

Day 1



This outfit is cool but casual. The vest spruces it up a bit so it’s good for work. It’s like, “Hey I’m relaxed, but I have a vest on, so I’m still taking things seriously.”

Outfit details: Shirt, Topshop. Pants, H&M. Vest, Thrifted. Coat, H&M. Shoes, Toms.

Day 2



“The Gangster.” This is one of my favorite suits. All black with a silver floral design tie and matching pocket square ta-boot. It’s a safety suit, a “when in doubt” suit. We have good relationship.

I frequent different types of establishments when photographing/attending burlesque shows: bars, clubs, theaters, etc. It’s good to have an outfit that fits all venues.

Outfit details: Shirt, Banana Republic. Pants, Express. Blazer, Topshop. Vest, Topman. Shoes, Aldo. Tie and Pocket Square, Hazel Boutique Chicago. Raincoat, Topman. Hat, Goorin Bros.

Day 3



“The Car Salesman.” Also one of my favorite suits. I think what really ties an outfit together, especially a suit, are the details. A pocket square that matches the tie, a tie clip, or pin, or even a collar pin. Wearing a pocket watch with a vest always looks nice.

Outfit details: Shirt, Banana Republic. Pants, Express. Blazer, Topshop. Shoes, Aldo. Tie and Pocket Square, Hat, Goorin Bros.

Day 4



I’m not made of money and trying to always look good is…well, expensive. So, if you haven’t noticed, what I’ve done is found the right shirt, bought it in black AND white, bought a pair of black pants, and built a wardrobe around those items. That usually means just switching out ties and blazers. And, BAM; it appears that you have several different suits, when really its just many different ties and changing from a black to white shirt every once in a while.

This outfit is something I pulled together specifically for this feature. I love the different textures: The leather hat matching the leather tie, the softness of the vest matching with the softness of the shoes.

Outfit details: Shirt, Banana Republic. Pants, Express. Tie, Topman. Hat, Goorin Bros. Shoes, Aldo. Vest, X-IT.




I am often seen in this outfit when Spring and Fall roll around. This is my all time favorite jacket. It’s perfect in every way! My mother says this outfit make me look like a hoodlum, I don’t think she get that’s what I’m aiming for.

Outfit details: Shirt, Forever 21. Jacket, H&M. Pants, H&M. Shoes, Converse. Hat, Goorin Bros.

Day 6



“All American” I really feel like an all American boy in this outfit. Red, white, and blue.

Outfit details: Shirt, Forever 21. Pants, H&M. Coat, Topshop. Sweater, H&M. Shoes, Toms.

Day 7



I like to think of this as my New Orleans suit. Laid back but still making an effort.

Outfit details: Shirt, Banana Republic. Pants, Express. Blazer, Topshop. Shoes, Sperry.

About the photographer: Karla Olvera is dapperQ’s newest contributor. Based out of Chicago, Karla will be shooting style editorials, such as Seven Days of Dapper, He Said/We Said, and Style Dossier. You can follow Karla’s work at:

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