Style Dossier: Gina “Nami” Grogan

Welcome back to Style Dossier, Gabrielle Royal’s column that profiles stylish queers across the country. This edition, Gabrielle is featuring Gina “Nami” Grogan, an L.A. based barber, clothing designer, and image consultant.

Bio: Gina “Nami” Grogan is originally from Oakland, CA but resides in Los Angeles, CA, where she is a professional groomer (barber) and image consultant. She also has a background in Marketing and works as a Marketing Director for a start-up software company. As an entrepreneur, she owns Scrolls Clothing, LLC; a small apparel company and plans to open a grooming lounge in the near future.

4Y6B5523Outfit details: Jacket and joggers, Zara; Shoes, Filling Pieces.

Gabrielle: What influences your style and how is your identity shaped by fashion?

Nami: My style is influenced by high-end fashion and streetwear. I like to blend the two styles together to form an urban, yet dapper look! I like clean lines and I prefer a clean aesthetic. Largely, my fashion identity plays off of my personality. I speak through my clothing in terms of how I want to be seen: clean, attention to detail, and visually aware.

2Outfit details: Jacket and joggers, Zara; Shirt, Salt Valley; Shoes, Filling Pieces.

Gabrielle: Why is queer visibility important and how does fashion help create space for members of our community?

Nami: I think visibility is important to help eliminate the clichés associated with how others outside of the community think we should look. There is a lack of equality in our representation, from how we view life and our personal philosophies, to our occupations. I don’t know that fashion helps create a space that would not be there regardless. I think what fashion does do is allow us to continue to be unique individuals and speak to the world through our style regardless of sexual orientation.



Outfit details: Blazer, Zara; Joggers, Publish; Shoes, Filling Pieces.
Gabrielle: You have very vibrant social media sites, what do you want your followers to gain?

Nami: I want my followers to gain a sense of who I am! I want them to walk away with a little glimpse into my life and an understanding that there are more dimensions to me. I’m not just a barber, I’m not just an entrepreneur, I’m not just gay, etc., but all of these things make up who I am.



Outfit details: Jacket, Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen; Jeans, H&M; Shoes, Filling Pieces.
Gabrielle: Tell us something unique about yourself or your style?

Nami: I think my confidence and swag makes me unique. I’m very comfortable in my skin and I know what works for me, and I think that shows in my style.

Gabrielle: How did you hear about dapperQ? Why were you interested in being featured?

Nami: I heard about dapperQ from a friend who recommended me for a feature. I love and admire good style! That’s what excited me about being featured in dapperQ. The blog tells a great story through fashion and gives us visibility.


Outfit details: Tuxedo jacket, H&M (professionally tailored); Joggers, Zara; Shoes Filling Pieces.
Gabrielle: What advice would you pass along to someone who presents outside of traditional fashion binaries?

Nami: My advice would be to OWN your look. Know what works for you and your body type, and be confident in it. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it!

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