Seven Days of Dapper: Alexis Agsaulio

We’re back with a brand new Seven Days of Dapper! This week we’re featuring a week’s worth of style from Alexis Agsaulio, a California-based Pediatric Nurse . *Photos by Florence Pidlaoan.

Hey! My name is Alexis Agsaulio. I’m 27 years old, currently residing in Orange County, California. I originally grew up in the Inland Empire for about 18 years of my life. After my mom passed away from terminal cancer, I decided to leave my first year of pre-nursing to become a missionary nun for three years! “Wait, what?! Did she just say she was a nun?” [Laughs] Yes, believe it or not, I grew up very religious in the Catholic faith. I did, in fact, struggle growing up knowing deep down who I really was, but because of what I was taught, I couldn’t fully come to terms with it. I guess you can say that when I decided to enter into the convent, I was also trying to run away from those “tendencies.” After spending a year living in Delaware, then two years in the Philippines, I decided it wasn’t meant for me. So, I came back and followed through with my original plan of becoming a nurse, which brings me to today. I am working full-time as a Pediatric Nurse, specializing in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, and it has been a rewarding journey. I have also taken up financial services part-time as well. I’ve been a tomboy my whole entire life. Even as a kid, I’m sure my mom always noticed my choice in style (I hated dresses), and even after coming out as a lesbian, I never fully accepted the sense of style and fashion that I had secretly longed for. It wasn’t until I met my current girlfriend that I began to feel completely comfortable with dressing the way that I had always wanted to. I always felt myself conforming to what my past girlfriends wanted me to wear and the kind of style they liked. But, for the first time in my life, I was finally able to express who I truly was through my sense of style. No more holding back.

Day 1: Sunday Funday



This is a typical outfit I would wear out to hang out with friends, grab a drink or some lunch, or even just a more laid back day hanging out with my fluffy pup Mimi.
Outfit details:
Beanie: Neff
Henley shirt: H&M
Burgundy pants: H&M
Shoes: Tom’s Paseo high tops

Day 2: Brunch/Casual Look

Day 2

Day 2a

I LOVE short sleeve button ups! Whether casual or more dressy, I can never get enough of them! I always find a way to wear them on my more casual days and can dress them up with a bow tie when I feel like being a bit more fancy.
Outfit details:
Short sleeve button up: Cotton On
Ripped Jeans: Target
Shoes: Vans mid-tops
Necklace: Etsy
Eyeglasses: Ray-Ban

Day 3 Business/Dapper Attire

Day 3

day 3a

When I’m not wearing my comfy scrubs and I have to meet with a client or go to a business meeting, you will often find me in an outfit like this!

Outfit details:
Shirt: H&M (“men’s”)
Bow tie and Suspenders: H&M
Dress slacks: The Gap
Blazer: Cotton On
Shoes: Forever 21

Day 4: Workout Attire

day 4

day 4a

Although this is considered my workout attire, you will sometimes find me wearing something similar to this on a lazy day at home or if it’s a day off with nothing to do and I need to run some errands! The Adidas Climacool soccer pants are EVERYTHING: the comfiest pants I own, and I can literally wear them everyday!

Outfit details:
Cut-off shirt: Cotton On
Pants: Adidas Climacool Soccer pants
Shoes: Nike Roshe Runs
Hat: Lez snapback by Stuzo Clothing

Day 5: Hangout/Chill Attire

Day 5

Day 5a

Another more laid back outfit of mine, but still trying to dress to impress with my short sleeve button up. One of my favorite things to do is hang out on my balcony and strum away with my favorite guitar.

Outfit details:

Snapback: Obey Clothing
Shirt: Cotton On (“men’s”)
Jogger shorts: Tilly’s
Shoes: Tom’s
Watch: Fossil
Guitar: Slim-body acoustic/electric Ibanez

Day 6: Out in the City

Day 6a

day 6

This is something I would wear in the “colder” months here in Sunny So-Cal, if I were to go out in bar hopping, casual dinner etc.

Outfit details:
Leather Hooded Jacket: Obey Clothing
Tatted Ariel tank: small store in Downtown LA?
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Doc Martens

Day 7: Fun in the Sun

Day 7a

Day 7

This is an outfit that can be worn on those warm summer days to the beach or to hangout with some drinks poolside. Note: the flannel wrapped around my waist for when it starts to get chilly; I can throw that on over the ensemble.

Outfit details:
Cut-off shirt: Forever 21
Flannel shirt: Forever 21
Jean shorts: Cotton On
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Shoes: Skechers Bobs

Photo Jul 18, 1 16 32 AMAbout the photographer: Florence Pidlaoan is an amateur photographer from Moreno Valley, currently studying graphic design. She loves to take pictures in her spare time and really has an eye for it and wants to one day become a professional photographer as well!

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