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Hi dapperQs!

I’m Sara, and I am a lot of things. I’m a menswear blogger. A french fries addict. A shoe collector. A music lover. A picky eater. A coffee connoisseur and artist.

Of all my trades, the one not mentioned above that might be the most interesting and helpful to you, is that I am an avid SALE enthusiast. In other words, I’m a cheap mothafucka. No really, I’m cheap. Yes, I like having new stuff and I like shopping, but I love saving $$$ more. Therefore, no you will not find me pouring it up on them cl-hoes, or should I say clothes.

As the title suggests, this post is about sweaters and where to get them for $20 or less. CHEAP!

So, let’s talk about sweaters. You’ve been hearing it for weeks now – it’s sweater weather! That means that it’s starting to get cold enough outside that t-shirts are just not cutting it no mo’. If you’re not wearing something like a sweatshirt to keep you warm, you’re going to freeze your ass off. (It’s safe to curse here, right?) I tend to curse a lot, so get fuckin’ used to it. Just kidding, not really.

Anyway, back to sweaters. It’s only my opinion, but I don’t think one should spend more than $20 on a sweater. Now my point isn’t to diminish great quality nor is it to bash those who do decide to ball out on their clothes. Au contraire. I’m simply saying that if you’re patient and waiting for something to go on sale, you’ll be happy when you leave a store having purchased five items for $100 rather than just, two. Am I right, or am I right?

So, here’s a list of sweaters I’ve found that are just within our budget that you should have. They can make great gifts as well. If you want to gift one to me, I’ll happily take it, I’m just saying. They’re on this list because they’re also on my wishlist.

Click here or on the photos to be directed to A Dapper Chick for purchase info:


I wear an XS in Men’s. Chest size is 32″.


Yes, I shop in the Boys’ section – don’t judge me. I’m tiny, if it fits and it looks good, I do not discriminate. I wear a 12-14Y.


Their XS runs a bit bigger. When I wear it, I look like I’m chilling in an oversized shirt. That seems to be the trend nowadays, so it might just work for you.


I usually only buy jackets on Asos, and I actually wear an XXS. They are true to size, so I’ll more than likely get an XXS as well when getting these.


When it comes to Uniqlo, I’m confused, to be honest. To me, their XS feels much larger than that of 21MEN. I’ve also purchased from the women’s section, and it’s just as confusing. Sometimes a S is the right fit, and other times even the XS is too big.

Well, that sums it up! Remember, keep checking as the sales only get better this time of year. It doesn’t really matter where you like to shop. THEY WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE A SALE.

Let me know whether or not this article was helpful to you in the comments below. Happy Shopping! Happy Gifting!


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