Seven Days of Dapper: Molly Adams

We’re back with a brand new Seven Days of Dapper! This week we’re turning the tables – and the lens – on one of our favorite photographers: dapperQ contributor Molly Adams. Photographer Leah Case captured a week’s worth of style from Molly’s closet!


My name is Molly Adams. I’m a photographer and I’m born and raised in Los Angeles. In many ways, I’ve looked the same since I was about five years old.


My style has subtly grown over the years: always a tomboy and sometimes dapper. I used to wear loud colorful vintage pieces, [but] now I rely on basics, mostly black and white. The most important things to me are fit and shape. I find brands that fit me well and stick with them.

Look 1:




This is my winter daily wear because it’s perfect for when you leave your house and it’s 50° and 70° by lunch. Also the most practical for days I have a shoot.

Outfit details: Jacket – Ralph Lauren, Jeans – Rag and Bone, T-Shirt – Hanes, Boots – Les Petites Parisiennes, Glasses – Ray Ban


Look 2:





Simple daytime outfit for meetings or brunch.

Outfit details: Sweater – Vintage, Shirt – Gant Rugger, Jeans – Rag and Bone, Tie – Vintage, Shoes – Alden, Glasses – Oliver Peoples

Look 3:




Another daily outfit. (I just switch out the shirt or sweater and have a whole new outfit.)

Outfit details: Jacket – Jil Sander, Shirt – Lazy Oaf, Sweater, Barney’s New York, Jeans – Rag and Bone, Shoes – TUK, Hat – Costa y Soler

Look 4:







This is my go to dress wear. I own a few suits as well as black tie blazers but rarely wear them as this is Los Angeles and I don’t work in an office. Worn three ways, depending on the event: no tie, tie, or bolo.

Outfit details: Jacket – Vintage, Jeans – Bleulab, Shirt – Barney’s New York, Shoes – TUK, Tie – Yves Saint Laurent, Bolo – Vintage

Look 5:




One step below the all black look, this is for nice parties, art openings, anything that’s fancy but not too fancy. Can be worn with and without a tie. And I like the navy and black. If you don’t, don’t do it.

Outfit details: Jacket – Zachery’s Smile, Shirt – Gant Rugger, Jeans – Rag and Bone, Tie – Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes, Boots – Les Petites Parisiennes, Hat – Costa y Soler

Look 6:




What I wear to go out most nights, worn with or without a hoodie and hat for different vibes.

Outfit details: Jacket – BLK DNM, Shirt – Feathers, Jeans – Rag and Bone, Hoodie – American Apparel, Boots – Dr. Marten’s, Hat – Supreme

Look 7:



My dog’s a prince and shivers when it’s 60° so I got him a hoodie.

Outfit details: Shirt – American Apparel, Pants – Adidas, Shoes – Vans, Glasses – Vintage, Dog Hoodie – Adidog


Photos by Leah Case

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