TomboyX + Rain Dove’s “Underneath It All” Embodies #DressLikeWomen

Queer-owned gender neutral underwear company TomboyX released a powerful video featuring androgynous model Rain Dove that celebrates living our truths. The videos release unintentionally coincided with recent news reports of Donald Trump demanding that his female staffers “dress like women.” The news spurred a social media clap-back, with women sharing a wide spectrum of empowering style using hashtags #dresslikewomen and #dresslikeawoman.

But the queer community is no stranger for being targeted for dressing outside binary heteronormative and queer-normative boundaries. Queer style has for a long time been at the forefront of the gender revolution and we now welcome are resistance allies from all over the globe to our movement.

dapperQ’s multi-platform networks were built to dismantle the binary. Since our inception, we have seen brands such as TomboyX and models like Rain Dove come to market and flourish, not only with their talent, but their unwavering commitment to equality. We are looking forward to the queer style community mobilizing for the fight that is ahead.


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