Danielle Cooper Menswear Advisor for ASOS

“Menswear” influencer Danielle Cooper, the mastermind behind the genius, beautifully curated life+style website She’s a Gent, was recently featured as a menswear advisor for the popular international apparel ASOS retailer.


Danielle provided us with some insight about her experience:
ASOS reached out in late 2016. They were interested in a collaborating on a piece called “Ask a Cool Girl,” which they hope to use as a way to open the door to a gender neural fashion and style discussion. I was blown away! It is important, especially today, to have a deeper conversation about genderless fashion. 

My motto is that “you should be free enough to be you!” I feel as if this rule should apply to one’s life, style, and comfort zone. Society wants to put labels on everything from job titles to clothing, but we have the power and ability to be comfortable and confident in our own skin. I hope that the article opens the door for more QPOC. QPOC are only represented in 30% of all forms of media, women are half of that and QWOC even less. If my story opens the door for others to be comfortable in their own skin or even step forward to share their story and hopefully become visible as well then my job as an influencer is done. I’ll then know that I am one step closer in helping changing the world.

Check out Danielle’s advise on ASOS here.

Photos by The Street Sensei.


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