NYLON Magazine Produces Two-Part Video Celebrating QPOC Dandyism

NYLON magazine just produced a two-part video celebrating QPOC dandyism. The first video examines the work that The Dandy Lion Project (by Shantrelle P. Lewis)  and dapperQ (by Anita Dolce Vita) have done in providing platforms to showcase how dandies reshape society’s perception of Black masculinity.

The second video is centered on the personal profiles of representatives of the dapperQ community, including Devin-Norelle, Kay Ulanday Barrett, DJ Monet Bernard, Nina Kossoff, Danielle Cooper, and Kim Geronimo.

You can find both full-length videos here and here.

“Dandy Lions & Dapper Qs”
Directed by: Tina Vaden
Co-Directed by: Maddy Talias & Daniel Huskey
Co-Produced by: Ren Potts + Tina Vaden
Sound: YongSoo Lee
Lead Camera: Daniel Huskey
360 Operator: Maddy Talias
Talent: Shantrelle Lewis @apshantology
Devin-Norelle @steroidbeyonce
Kay Ulanday Barrett-@brownroundboi
DJ Monet Bernard-@thatsmymo
Nina Kossoff
Danielle Cooper-@danielleacooper
Kim Geronimo-@thestreetsensei
Location: The Brooklyn Museum-@brooklynmuseum

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