Premiere of Hip Hop Artist Lady Cultura’s New “Havana” Remix

Lady Cultura, a Miami born Latin (of Cuban descent) hip hop artist and dance choreographer based out of Los Angeles, just released a new remix of “Havana” and it’s FIRE. dapperQ got the jump on the midnight release for Cultura fans:

Cultura told dapperQ, “The original lyrics of ‘Havana’ by Camila are actually not about Havana at all. They are about a guy from east Atlanta who she falls for. I rewrote the lyrics of the entire song to be an homage to my Cuban people. I talk about missing my land, my desire to go for the first time, and how I want more for my people: more food, more help, all of that. But, that at the end of the day, my people smile regardless because they know life is beautiful.”

Cultura has performed all over Asia, Europe, and the U.S., including at Oakland’s inaugural Queer Fashion Week, were the dapperQ team saw her perform live and instantly became fans of her incredible musical style and dapper sensibilities.

Want more Lady Cultura? Follow her on:

*Feature image by Molly Adams
**Attire by Stuzo Clothing
***Video edited by Lady Cultura. Song produced by Koobano and assisted by MadDecent artist/writer/producer Santell.

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