“Menswear” Style Influencer Danielle Cooper Launches New Podcast

Elevating voices of color is critical in our resistance efforts, and podcasts are an invaluable tool in widely distributing opinions, experiences, and narratives of those who are often marginalized and silenced. Fashion is inherently political and one of the first visual markers of our identities, whether intentional or not. Platforms, such as She’s a Gent run by Danielle Cooper, have provided much needed visual representation in breaking down ridged gender binaries. This year, Danielle has expanded her platform to included a podcast that will feature prominent QPOC/QTPOC in fashion. dapperQ is honored that the first guest on Danielle’s podcast, “Be Free, Be Conscious” is none other than Anita Dolce Vita, dapperQ owner and the executive producer of dapperQ’s annual New York Fashion Week queer runway event at Brooklyn Museum. Take a listen at Anita and Danielle’s conversation here:

Keep up with more conversations by subscribing to Danielle’s podcast here.

*Feature image by Sworup Ranjit

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