Hi Femme!: Helen Scott

Welcome back to Hi Femme!, dapperQ’s sibling visibility project celebrating the incredible contributions that stylish femmes make to queer fashion. This edition, we’re featuring Presenter, Digital Host and all round Entertainer, Helen Scott, who has a knack for knowing what to say and when to say it. Helen is a social influencer, passionate about LGBTQIA+ topics, particularly when it comes to championing femme lesbians!

dapperQ: Can you talk a bit about how you define queer femme style and what makes it transgressive?

Helen: Queer, femme style to me is all about confidence. We’re coming into an era now where someone’s aesthetic doesn’t define their sexuality and that is so powerful. Confidently showcasing who you are rather than dressing to conform is the most liberating thing that we as a society I feel are now being able to explore more and more.

dapperQ: How would you describe your personal style?

Helen: My personal style is extremely fluid and ever evolving, but my key questions when dressing are; What makes me feel unstoppable, powerful, and sexy? Being femme, we have to push to be taken seriously not only in the greater world, but within our community, which is the most frustrating thing about being femme. It really does piss me off. Acceptance is hard to come by at best, so receiving resistance from who you expect to be your peers can be so demeaning. So for me, I speak my truth, speak my power through the way that I dress. It’s non negotiable, femme fuckery!

dapperQ: Who are your fashion icon(s)?

Helen: My fashion icons are Bette Midler, Carrie Bradshaw (SATC) and Rachel from Friends circa 1997. Mom jeans and kooky t shirts in the day, with silk slips and heels of an evening.

dapperQ: What item in your style arsenal can you not live without?

Helen: Heels! GAhhhhhd! I love heels. And if it had to be one particular pair, it’s a cheetah spot pair of mules that are sexy as hell!

dapperQ: Where can our readers find more of your professional work and personal style?


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