dapQ TV: How-To Style Your ‘Do (Part 2)

In How-To Style Your ‘Do (Part 1) Joseph was using a solid product called Toni and Guy “Bed Head.” In Part 2, he switches to Aveda’s BRILLIANT Anti-Humectant Pomade. (Haven’t you just been dying to rock some pomade?) Note the care with which he massages the product so thoroughly in to Nancy’s hair. You can’t just glom it on and get the look you want.

PS Using these products won’t TURN your hair grey. Nancy’s is that way naturally. These styling hints will work even if you aren’t old.
PSS Transgressing ideas about who can appear in media (i.e. no one over 28) is just another way your old pal dapperQ loves to rock the patriarchy!

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  • This is a sweet series to see. I cut my hair short 4-5 years ago, and had to go through the process of:
    1. buy a product 2. figure out the product doesn’t do really what I want it to 3. use the product anyway, because I can’t afford to buy a new hair product every week
    I’ve settled into using pomade like this when it’s shorter and a paste like from part 1 when I need a haircut and it’s getting a bit long and messy. Though really, I haven’t found any hard and fast rules besides this: don’t use hair gel. It dries my scalp, greases up my hair and makes me look like a 14 year old boy.

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