Are You Up for Going Sockless?

First off, I am going to be RAD NEWS when I get Photoshop (this is my first attempt at photo editing using Keynote.)   Gone will be the days of my having a limited wardrobe.  A distant memory of a butch invisibility in worldwide fashion.

In this shot (which I practically did for Saks Fifth Avenue), for instance, I am showing off how I like to go sockless sometimes like all the other boys. (The top half of my outfit is part of an extensive shoot I did last week at Razor – a terrific men’s boutique on 5th Ave in Park Slope that is eager for our business.)

Pocket Square

Here’s how it looked without help from Saks and with the addition of a most marvelous pocket square…

I suppose the original Saks ad is a sort of public service announcement suggesting that regular dudes think outside the box – “THINK ABOUT IT” – and show some ankle. Not feed the hungry, not clean oil from the ocean.  Show some ankle.

Remember how I told you that fashion is political. This is proof.

In any case, I’m eager to share what I have learned about going sockless so you can try it if you feel like you’ve got the basics down pat. The current issue of Details advises, “When wearing pants like chinos, follow Thom Browne’s example and show a little skin, especially if your legs are tanned. With jeans, try not to reveal anything more than the bottom of your ankle bone.”

This seems like simple straight-up advice and I wish I could stop there. But debate rages on the topic. One dude moans to GQ’s Style Guy, “I’ve been taunted for wearing my Cole Haan or Weejuns loafers without socks. I come from an affluent family, and my mother always said wearing khakis and loafers without socks was completely acceptable.”

Another wrote GQ for relationship advice when his girlfriend went nuts over alligator loafers worn sans socks telling him, “Get over it and move to Fire Island.”

The beauty of being dapperQ is that we are, by definition, transgressing men’s fashion.  Because so few of us have Photoshop, we are improvising every day.

I’m liking the look even when it’s not my fee,t and not a model’s from Saks. I’m going to check out the sock liners Details recommends from Gallo, Muji and Banana Republic. My lunch mate Jaime suggests a small portion of baking powder can also be used to avoid el stankoritis (too much and you will make gravy.)

I’m going to get back to you. I hope you will do the same. (And I’m also going to get back to my day job. Because jacking around with Photoshop is almost as addictive as reading e-mails of your sartorial quandries. ) Don’t be shy — send me photos of your approach and feel free to go crazy with in the Photoshop!

Editors Note: I got no credits for the Saks outfit but my photo was shot by Ryan Kipp and styled by Stephen Ianiere!

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  • Photoshop tip for isolations: do a levels adjustment layer, dial it all the way the left or right, depending on whether you shot on a light or dark background, and it will easily show any bits and pieces of ‘background’ you need to clean up with your eraser tool. You will need to work on the levels layer, which you will then trash when you’ve cleaned up the image to your satisfaction.

    AND the clothes all look GRAND and a little bare ankle ain’t a bad thing from time to time. Two thumbs up!

  • I have a pair of VANS authentic and Macbeth Matthews that I NEVER wear socks in. I just hate socks, they are a pain to wash keep track of, sort, etc. Plus I love the feel of being barefoot in shoes. The only problem is they tend to smell pretty gnarly.

    Anyone know how to go sock-less without the smell.

  • Gold Bond body powder, y’all. It’s what you NEED to go sockless without the horrific smell or the groaty swamp-water sweatiness that happens in shoes without socks. I love this stuff.

  • Sockless is awesome. I rarely wear socks beyond the dead of winter. It’s a casual relaxed look that goes great whether it’s loafers, vans, or any other casual shoe. I dig it.

  • Sockless is the way to go. I also use Gold Bond powder to keep the swampy feeling in check.

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