dapQSnaps – Dykes on Bike-Cycles Party

As you know from dapperQ’s exclusive video, Dykes on Bike-Cycles (DOB-C) are as hot and dapper as they can be. This fiery new organism also hosts a hell of a Pride Kick-Off Party for which its leaders – thanks Candice Williamson! – were kind enough to invite dapperQ to be a partner. Thanks to Laura Turley (who shot the photos) and Allie Leepson, we’ve got great dapQSnaps from the event of hotties who hail from coast to coast.

Some of the folks we met deserve more attention, so expect to hear more not only from DOB-C (check its summer calendar), but from folks we met at the party.

P.S. Please send us a photo and description of how you approach being simultaneously dapperQ and so damn good looking. We may feature you!

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